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September 13, 2007 2:53 PM
Subject: RESOLUTION 2007-4 Opposing Marine Reserves
This resolution has been approved and placed on letterhead for signing.



Resolution Regarding Opposition to Establishment of Marine Reserves Within Oregon's Territorial Sea and Protection of the Recreational and Commercial Fishing Industries

WHEREAS, the commissioners of the Port of Garibaldi are all in agreement with the following statements:

WHEREAS, a management or biological problem in the near shore marine environment has not been identified or defined; and

WHEREAS, an examination of potential solutions has not occurred; and

WHEREAS, the Port of Garibaldi and coastal ports have invested million of dollars of public taxpayer money to build harbors, docks, and related assets that will be used less by our port patrons and visitors if the State forces 'no fishing' zones (Marine Reserves) in our area causing economic hardship for our port and community; and

WHEREAS, resource based activities have historically been the main producer of family wages, and harvesting of fish and crab has historically been a part of our local economy; and

WHEREAS, less fishing or harvesting of ocean products will also mean less maintenance dredging by the federal government, further harming our port, and creating a safety hazard for boaters; and

WHEREAS, ocean beaches have long been noted for free public access, and it is our understanding that when Marine Reserves extend to the high tide line, they will limit or prevent public access to those sections of the beach.  This is unacceptable; and

WHEREAS, we can be amenable to fishermen and local governments participating in  recommending areas to the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission for consideration of special designation.

THEREFORE, be it resolved that the Port of Garibaldi Commission is opposed to the State being the sole designator of Marine Reserves.

APPROVED AND ADOPTED this 12th day of September 2007, by the Port of Garibaldi Board of Commissioners.

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Valerie Folkema, President                               William  Schreiber, Vice-President

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