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Strategy to form the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement: Cal/EPA Environmental Justice Action Plan May 18, 2005. Lead Agency: State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB)
KBC's KRRC / Klamath River Renewal Corporation (Dam Destruction Group) Page
Herald and News Poll Results: Will you benefit from Klamath dam Destruction? 1/29/19 

WARNING: Stephen Koshy Page: Clay-Core Dam Engineer Stephen Koshy's scientific reports, letters, and government correspondence regarding his prediction of the imminent catastrophic collapse if the Klamath Hydroelectric Dams are destroyed.

Utility offers updates on dams, forest fires, H&N 4/21/19. "The utility is planning to off-load its dams to the Klamath River Renewal Corporation (KRRC) by transferring the operating licenses and, with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commissionís (FERC) approval, decommission them for removal."

The biggest concern is the liability from the yards of sediment backed up behind the dams that will flow down the Klamath River to the sea.

Klamath Tribes at water coalition talks, H&N 4/21/19.
ITTSD Motion for leave to File Amicus Brief, filed by Lawrence A. Kogan 3/19/19, regarding Klamath Dam Removal.
ITSSD Amicus Curiae Brief, filed by Lawrence A Kogan In Re Siskiyou County Water Users Association, Petitioner on Petition for Writ of Mandamus 3/19/19: "...The States, by assisting USG to shift jurisdiction over (Klamath) dam removal from EPA to DOI and FERC, effectively freed DOI from conducting the rigorous EPA-required scientific assessment of the significant risks to human health and welfare dam removal would trigger upon release of decades of contaminants accumulated in the dam reservoir bottoms..."
Dam removal report sparks HOPE for Klamath Basin Ag, H&N by dam removal liason Dave Maurer 3/13/19.
"...dam removal MIGHT mean more water for farmers..."
"...dam removal MAY have something big to offer..."
"...dam removal COULD free up more water (for farmers)..."
"...ESA MIGHT loosen its grip on the region..."
"...HOPEFULLY we'll have more salmon..."
"...POSSIBILITY of using this 50,000 acre feet of water for crops..."
"...dam removal will LIKELY reduce or eliminate the biological necessity for spring dilution flows..."
IF the conditions triggering the court order are addressed by the benefits of dam removal, this COULD result in a real and measurable benefit to farmers. IT ISN'T A GUARANTEE..."
"...We BELIEVE that river restoration will help communities..."
KRRC decision reversed, H&N 3/14/19.
In split vote, Klamath County OKs deal for dam removal, H&N 3/13/19.
 ***Public Comments Due Feb 26 on Klamath Dam Draft Environmental Impact Report
Both sides represented at Klamath Dams removal meeting in Yreka, Siskiyou Daily News, posted to KBC 2/10/19. KBC NOTE: An attendee called to inform us that most dam removal supporters were tribes from downriver from where another water board meeting will be held. Also, no meetings will be held in Klamath Basin.
PRESS RELEASE: Siskiyou County Water Users: Hearing scheduled for DC Circuit Court on Writ of Mandamus regarding Klamath Dams, KRRC and Klamath Compact, SCWUA 2/8/19
Interior's Bernhardt keeps Mikkelsen Trump to nominate former lobbyist Bernhardt for Interior secretary, Washington Post 2/5/19
Water talks resume Feb. 12 in Medford, H&N 2/3/19. ď 'We have an imbalance in the Basin of needs and resources,' Mikkelsen said." KBC Note: this repeats government 2001 water shutoff rhetoric, which screamed to the farmers that the 'best available science' says there's 'not enough water to go around.' After the shutoff, bankruptcies, suicides, heart attacks, and auctions, the National Academy of Science stated the shutoff was "unjustified." Before the Klamath Project was built, there were up to 30 feet of water where our farms are now
Klamath Dam removal contractor holds Q&A January 29th, H&N 1/27/19
Agency analyzes impacts of removing Klamath River dams, H&N 1/4/19. "Plans to remove four hydroelectric dams on the lower Klamath River would benefit the region far more than keeping them in place, according to a draft environmental impact report by the California State Water Resources Control Board."
Strategy to form the Dam Destruction/Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement: Cal/EPA Environmental Justice Action Plan May 18, 2005. Lead Agency: State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB)
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