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Introduction to                       
Dr. Ken Rykbost                  


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"I'm (Dr.) Ken Rykbost. I'm currently superintendent of the Klamath Experiment Station, part of Oregon State University agricultural experiment station system, and I hold a title of  Professor in Department of Crop and Soil Science at Oregon State University.

I had a Bachelor's and a Master's degree from Cornell University in agronomy, which is  the study of crops and soils,  and I completed a Ph. D. in Department of Soil Science at Oregon State University in 1973, with a minor in civil engineering, particularly in relation to the hydrology and water quality issues, and those kinds of things.

I've been involved for the last 30 years with agronomic research in the general area of potato production, but I've also been somewhat involved with water issues from several standpoints.  I was involved with a Long Island, N.Y. groundwater study that was looking at potential sources of nitrate contamination in the groundwater.  I've been involved with irrigation management practices, water conservation through irrigation systems.   And most recently I've at least partially involved some of my time in the study of water quality issues in upper Klamath Lake, and hydrology issues in the Klamath watershed.  So I have some background and somewhat expertise in the issues of water."

Klamath Watershed in Perspective A review of historical hydrology of major features of the Klamath River Watershed and evaluation of Hardy Iron Gate Flow requirements. By Dr. K.A. Rykbost, Superintendent, Klamath Experiment Station, Oregon State University, and R. Todd, Klamath County Extension Office, Oregon State University. HERE for Power Point presentation. 3/25/04.





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