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 Archive 43 - December 2005
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Farm Bill Input needed by 12/30/05

Flood threat rises in county, H&N 12/29/05."In the winter of 1996-97 a similar string of weather - snow, snow, more snow and then rain - caused the first severe flooding on both rivers since 1964. The flooding was the worst during the first week of January." {BEWARE OF FISHKILLS!! In the highest water years, like 1996 floods, there were the worst fishkills, and low-water years there were no fish kills, according to Klamath Irrigator and sports-fisherman John Crawford. KBC}

Rivers lap at low lying areas, John Driscoll, Times-standard 12/29/05. "A warning for the lower Klamath was in effect, and forecasters expected the river to rise just above flood stage today." "A flood warning also was issued for the Trinity River around Hoopa until this morning."

PacifiCorp sale set to be wrapped up early, Scotsman, posted to KBC 12/29/05

Klamath Lake levels and river flows 12/29/05 H&N.

WARNING!   BOR!  WARNING! Klamath  Courier, posted to KBC 12/29/05

BIA and Arnold say “no” to casino, Pioneer Press, posted to KBC 12/29/05

Yreka has not made a deal with Alturas Rancheria, Pioneer Press, posted to KBC 12/29/05

PRESS RELEASE: Keyes announces Reclamation Reorganization, posted to KBC 12/27/05

Klamath Lake Levels and River Flows, H&N posted to KBC 12/27/05

(Klamath Basin Potato) Spud co-op takes credit for national price improvement, Capital Press posted to KBC 12/25/05

Salmon season a hit despite closures, The World Link, posted to KBC 12/25/05

Common sense left out of Klamath water plans, Capital Press Steve Cheyne posted to KBC 12/25/05

Buffett gets OK to buy utility, H&N 12/25/05

Saving Law From Extinction, Wall Street Journal 12/25/05

Cattle prices heat up, Capital Press posted to KBC 12/25/05

Board OKs Scott River TMDL despite objections, Capital Press posted to KBC 12/25/05. "'Some goals can never be met, even if you stopped irrigation and grew trees (along the streams) to their maximum height,' he said."

Klamath Water Users Update December 23, 2005
Natural Flow Study Released
* BOR Describes Natural Flow Study
* Anti-Farm Group gets it Wrong
* Coho Return in High Numbers
* Quote

Come catch a Steelhead!!!
The Klamath River has produced a brilliant run of steelhead this year. Boats are bringing on an average 5 adult steelhead ranging from 3-10 pounds some days the numbers are silly. Numerous famous half-pounders are also caught in between the hard pulling adults. Come and book a trip now through February to experience why so many fisherman dedicate their lives to this fish. www.wildwatersflyfishing.com

A dull roar, Times Standard 12/22/05

Lawsuit seeks to block energy rules, Seattle Times 12/22/05

Prayer Page: prayer requests by Julie Smithson 12/22/05

Whitehouse seeks to delist wolf, see WOLF PAGE, posted 12/22/05

FERC OKs MidAmerican purchase of PacifiCorp, Reuters, posted to KBC 12/18/05

U.S. Energy Agency OKs Buffett's PacifiCorp Buy, Forbes, posted to KBC 12/18/05

GLEN SPAIN/PCFFA disastrous forecast false: This spring PCFFA forecasted low salmon runs on the Klamath, using that forecast to reduce and devastate coastal fishing seasons. According to Dan Keppen, Executive Director Family Farm Alliance, "According to my sources, 13,763 chinook have returned so far to Iron Gate Hatchery, plus 250 jacks. That’s an 'average year'. For Coho: 1,384 + 34 jacks returned, which is 'above average'."

Karuk’s eye new casino, Pioneer Press, posted to KBC 12/18/05 "County Administrator Howard Moody, said that the Karuks are fighting to get dams removed on the Klamath River and the county does not agree with that tactic..."


Karuk Casino, by Siskiyou County Supervisor District 5 Marcia Armstrong, posted to KBC 12/18/05  "It should be noted that the Karuk tribe has an extensive history of engaging in lawsuits to curtail the use of natural resources by local farmers, ranchers, loggers and miners."


WARNING! BOR releases Undepleted Natural Flow Study, Be Afraid! Be Very Very Afraid, by Pat Ratliff, Klamath Courier, posted to KBC 12/18/05. 

* Bureau of Reclamation Final Natural Flow study of the Upper Klamath River, posted to KBC 12/15/05 - pdf file, 115 pages.
* Appendices, 161 pages of appendices, to the Undepleted Flow study, pdf.

* Rae Olson, Bureau of Reclamation Public Affairs Officer, describes the Bureau's Natural Flow Study, written for KBC 12/19/05

PRESS RELEASE: Pombo Statement on Crapo, Lincoln ESA Bill, House Committee on Resources, posted to KBC 12/18/05

CRAPO, LINCOLN INTRODUCE COLLABORATIVE ESA BILL, CRESA measure involves more people, incentives to boost recovery efforts, posted to KBC 12/18/05

PLF Files Lawsuit Challenging 16 Salmon ESA Listings Throughout the West, PLF News, posted to KBC 12/18/05

Flawed water quality plan is approved, Felice Pace demands ground water for Scott River flows, Pioneer Press, posted to KBC 12/18/05

Oregon, Washington Fish, Wildlife Commissions Move to Protect Green Sturgeon, posted to KBC 12/18/05, newswise.com

Congress not to blame in tribe dispute, by Howard McConnell, Times Standard by Yurok Tribal Chairman 12/18/05

Tulelake Irrigation District well water levels, posted to KBC 12/18/05

(Potato) Co-op seeks to lower supply, H&N, posted to KBC 12/18/05

Scott Valley groundwater, by Marcia Armstrong, Siskiyou Co Supervisor Dist. 5, posted to KBC 12/18/05

County finalizes Cob plant tax deal, posted to KBC 12/15/05 H&N

ODFW stocks Oregon Food Bank with salmon fillets, ODF News, posted to KBC 12/15/05

COB tax-exemption issues vote, meeting for input 12/13/05.

PCFFA/Earthjustice: Anti-ag groups continue Klamath Assault, KWUA news posted to KBC 12/10/05. "PCFFA is seeking an order enjoining the Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) from making irrigation diversions at the Klamath Project unless flows in the Klamath River below Iron Gate Dam meet 100% of the flows called for in Phase III of the Klamath Irrigation Project Biological Opinion’s Reasonable and Prudent Alternative ("RPA") or until a new biological opinion is completed and reviewed by the district court."
BIA / Dr Thomas Hardy page (the guy who was hired by BIA and DOJ to write science leading to a biological opinion to shut down the Klamath Project)

Klamath Water Users Association Update December 9
Water Year Off to Good Start
* Schwarzenegger Vows to Support Ag
* 2005 Looks like Good Year for Wheat Exports
* Lower 48’s Largest Bald Eagle * Colony is Wintering in the Klamath Basin
* Anti-Ag Groups Continue Klamath Assault

National group encourages fishermen, posted to KBC 12/9/05 (PCFFA)
A very short refresher follows regarding PCFFA's interaction with Klamath Irrigators:
Klamath Irrigators and Commercial Fishermen Meet, Oregon Trollers posted to KBC 4/4/05, Oregon Trollers Association Press Release
Dear Oregon Trollers and Oregon Fishing Industry Leaders..... from Glen Spain, Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen (PCFFA) April 12, 2005
Klamath Irrigators and Commercial Fishermen –The Adversary Klamath Courier Report posted to KBC May 16, 2005 "Facts about the Klamath Project, and the flat-out lies from PCFFA"
More news on Fishermen Page

These documents will be presented to the Klamath County Commissioners on Tuesday morning December 13th at the Commissioners office on Main Street at 10 am. for them to vote on.
COB advertised jobs and earnings grossly exaggerated
Expansion of enterprise zone for COB
Agreement with county regarding COB funds has changed 

Agreement for Long-term Rural Oregon Enterprise Zone Exemption (this agreement has not previously been made available for public viewing before the vote on Tuesday the 13th.

Prayer request, see Prayer Page, 12/8/05

ODFW PRESS RELEASE: ODFW director announces departure, Director Lindsay Ball will depart ODFW to head the Oregon Department of Administrative Services, posted to KBC 12/8/05. "Ball has led the department through...development of the state's first Wolf Conservation and Management Plan."

PacifiCorp deal reaches critical stage, Portland Business Journal 12/6/05

National Academy Assessment of BOR Released, Family Farm Alliance 12/6/05
NAS issues alert, NAS looks at Bureau, FFA 12/6/05 pdf file
Managing Construction and Infrastructure in the 21st century Bureau of Reclamation, NAS Executive Summary 12/6/05 pdf file
Managing Construction and Infrastructure in the 21st century Bureau of Reclamation, The FULL NAS Report 12/6/05 pdf file
The Bureau of Reclamation’s Capability to Fulfill Its Core Mission: The Customer’s Perspective June 2005

Klamath Bucket Brigade reports on USGS flows: "The storm that blew in to Southern Oregon and Northern California November 30th and December 1st dumped snow in the upper Klamath Basin and rain from Iron Gate Dam south.  This weeks USGS Flow Graphs show that while Iron Gate was releasing 2,400 cfs on December 1st, rain and snow melt caused the Scott River to jump to nearly 4,500 cfs.  Rain and snow caused the Salmon River flows to hit nearly 20,000 cfs on December 1 while the Trinity River flow at Hoopa, California almost hit 30,000 cfs.  All this extra water in the Klamath River caused the USGS flow gauge at Klamath, California to record nearly 130,000 cfs on December 1st.  Since then, the flows have been returning to normal for this time of year."posted to KBC 12/6/05.

Don't buy the 'sell-off' hype -- Mining Laws Barbara Cubin PERSPECTIVE -- Republican Congresswoman Barbara Cubin, R-Wyoming, serves in the U.S. House of Representatives 12/6/05. See MINERS Page for more articles.

PRESS RELEASE: Support Continues to Grow for Walden's Forest Emergency Recovery and Research Act 12/2/05, Congressman Walden's office

Guest commentary: Government hurts many by ESA violations, Pacific Legal Foundation attorney, posted to KBC 12/04/05

Ranchers have no relief if wolves attack livestock, Oregonian, posted to KBC 12/4/05

Sen. Joe Lieberman on his visit to Iraq, Wall Street Journal posted to KBC 12/2/05. To our Klamath Basin families with sons and daughters fighting in Iraq, here is a story from Democrat Senator Lieberman telling what our children are doing in Iraq, the story that has been kept from us in the National and Local media.

Interior sides with irrigators, Capital Press 12/2/05

Ranchers upset by approved wolf plan, Livestock owners want to be able to kill threatening wolves, Statesman Journal 12/2/05
PRESS RELEASE: [ODFW-News] Commission approves revisions to Oregon wolf plan, 12/2/05

Water takings suits land in federal claims court, Capital Press 12/2/05





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