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PCFFA vs Bureau of Reclamation

PCFFA vs Bureau of Reclamation decision by 9th Circuit Court Ruling October 18, 2005.
HERE for court decision.
HERE for KWUA response 10/20/05
October 20, 2005 A few things seem to have been conveniently ignored regarding the Klamath Project in the 9th Circuit Court Ruling:
*Link River often dried up before the Project was built.
*After the Project was built to store water for irrigation, those releases raise the lake level and river flow.
*Some facts about the
author of the 'science' leading to the biological opinions controlling management of the Klamath Project, Dr. Thomas B. Hardy

HERE for Fish die-off page.

July 18, 1918  Link River Dry before the Klamath Project was built. The Project raised water levels in the lake and river
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Klamath Irrigators slammed by court with science bought and paid for,  57 per cent of farmer's water isn't enough; Klamath farmers are devastated by appeals court ruling, Klamath Courier posted to KBC 10/29/05

Appeals Court Tosses Plan to Settle Oregon Water Dispute, Fox News 11/6/05
Klamath Project back in the crosshairs, H&N 10/21/05
Environmentalists claim victory in Klamath River water ruling, San Francisco, Siskiyou Daily News 10/21/05
Court tosses Bush plan for Klamath water, Oregonian 10/19/05
Water Plan for Klamath Is Rejected, LA Times 10/19/05




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