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A Tribute to Marcie Foley

Marcie Foley passed away last week after a battle with cancer. She designed websites and was instrumental in defending the rights of miners.

She helped all who knew her and shared her faith in God with all who would listen.  

April 9, 2007
Photo from Marcie's website

Tribute to Marcie by her friends:

(KBC Note: please keep Marcie's husband Jim in your prayers He was a devoted husband, and is an advocate for miners, property rights, and God. Here is Marcie's tribute to Jim)

As most of you know by now, Jim and Marcie Foley are very near and dear friends of Anita and I. You have seen the couple of posts I have made asking for prayers for her as she had a very long and drawn out battle with cancer and many of you knew and loved Marcie Foley. She went to be with the Lord last night. Her time for suffering is over. Marcie put up quuite a struggle against the cancer for quite awhile now. She was a very strong willed person. She was Dave's Partner in the beginning with the ProMack dredges and was the editor of their magazine. I know the pain Jim is going through having lost my previous wife to cancer. At this time, I don't think it is wise to bombard him with phone calls and emails of well wishes. Jim is still in a state of shock. Even though you know the inevitable, when it does happen, you aren't prepared.
Marcie was a very Christian woman who actually lived her religion. She was very kind and gentle, and a very giving person. Although Anita and I only have known Jim and Marcie for the last few years, we grew very close, we felt, and were treated as family.
If you would like to read and see what kind of a person she was, read all about her on her web site.
http://marciesalaskaweb.com/ She had a unique way of writing and has some very interesting stories in there.

As soon as I find out the details for the wake and funeral, I will post them here for all who wish to send flowers.

Well stated Lee. Marcie's passing was a shock to me, even though I saw her slipping away day by day, for a long time. She was an incredible woman, (and Jim is an incredible man) who was everything you said, and more. I encourage any who have not to visit her website. She and Jim went through a horrible 5-yr ordeal that I would not wish on anyone. It was my privilege to visit them a few years ago while they still lived in Oregon. My prayers are with Jim.



Our sincere condolences to you. Want to tell the rest of the individuals on this email list that Betty and I had an opportunity to meet Marcie practically one full year ago.  Betty and I were traveling to California, pulling our trailer.  While traveling our trailer heater wouldn't work and IT WAS COLD,  Jim and Marcie put us up for the night at their rented home on the Klamath River and we were lucky enough to spend time with them. Jim provided electric power so that we could have heat.  Marcie was a wonderful and delightful hostess.  We understand that is how she was ALL THE TIME.  Marcie, from what little time we spent with them, exhibited all the attributes that God wanted us to have and practice while on this earth.  No question about that.

To the miners out there, Marcie was involved in mining one way or another.  We learned that she had a big hand in developing the Vac Pack, and other equipment.  I just hope that someday her life work could be chronicled and thereby informing us of all the contributions she made to the mining community.

Jim, Wednesday last, Betty informs me that while participating in new mining rules making negotiations here in Washington State, Marcie was heavy on my mind and heart.  Betty said that she spent much of the time praying to God to take care of her.  She sensed that Marcie was in a more grave condition during those hours. 

We will miss her; she was one of a kind. God answers all our prayers and it is so hard sometimes to accept those answers.

May God be with you Jim.

Betty and Bruce Beatty, 

University Place, Washington



I've never been very good at this, so I will keep this short.

I feel for you with all my heart.  There is nothing I can say or write that could convey my feelings at this time, or ease your pain.  I was closer to Marcia than my own mother.  You are in my prayers.  I can not imagine how you feel, but would like to let you know that I am here as a friend.  If there is anything I can do, please let me know. 

The world is at a loss today of one of the greatest people I have ever known, and heaven has received one of the greatest souls it ever will, in my mind second only to Christ himself.

From the heart of a true friend, all my love,


Our deepest condolences on the passing of your lovely wife Marcie. She is a remarkable lady. Her writings and her spirit were a tremendous inspiration to me in my battle with cancer. We who have been touched by cancer always hope that the "miracle discovery" will happen in time to help us. We were very much hoping that this would happen for Marcie.

Although we have known the two of you for only a short while, we were made to feel like family. Your kindness and generosity are a model for all to follow. Marcie has left a legacy that will go on forever. She has shared so much with so many. Her memory will live forever in the hearts and minds of those of us who have grown to admire her.

Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you in this hour of grief.

May god bless,

Mickey and Harley

God Speed Marcie... I will miss her greatly. Her updates always gave me pause and I have praying for her every night. The Lord has answered my prayers, however, he answered them in a way that only he knew the reason for.

May God Bless Jim and help him keep his spirits up, I know that Marcie is now smiling down on.

Thank you Marcie for all youíve given to me in my own personal battle. You have been a Godsend.

Jim My heart goes out to you and wish you the best. Give me a call when you feel up to it.


I feel so bad...after reading Lee's post, I see Jim left me a message yesterday evening on my phone saying they had taken Marcie to hospice and her time was short. I wish I could have been there for Jim.

Marcie is an old and dear friend. I have known, respected, worked with, and loved Marcie for close to 20 years. She will always hold a special place in my heart and mind. She was a strong loving woman with the will power and fight few on the earth today have. A strong friend and advocate for miners, Marcie will truly be missed by us all. A lady of devout Faith, Marcie is peacefully resting with our Father in Heaven now. The pains and ills of the world have truly been replaced by the loving touch of Jesus as she now stands in his presence.

Marcie will truly be missed. Jim my friend, I can only imagine the pain and sorrow you feel right now but I also know the joy you have as Marcie's pain is gone. We are all with you.


I'm sorry I didn't get to know Marcie she was a wonderful lady I can tell by reading her webpage and Jim also.

I have to say that there is not better joy then to know Christ lives and knowing that he lives in your life is something very special.

My condolences to Jim and Family of Marcie .


Jim, my sincere condolences, she will be missed by many. I never had the chance to meet Marcie in person, but she did help me out in my time of need with cancer as she did with many.

El Dorado

Hello Jim,

So very sorry to hear of your loss --- my sincere condolences to you, Jim, and your Family --- Marcie was indeed an inspiration to the Mining Community and will be sorely missed, but her thoughts, and indeed, her Spirit continues within the many Stories and Posts which explained so much about her adventures and the Person she was --- It won't be easy, Jim, but Marcie would want you to be as strong as is possible --- Speak to you later, Jim, my thoughts and prayers are with you ALL,
Kind Regards,

Michael Thornberry.

I'm relatively new to the community of the Jim and Marcie Foley fan club. Jim's wife was such an inspiration to all that knew her and those that came in contact with her through her writing. Marcie has been ill with cancer for a long time and she would always take the time help other's rather than rest or feel sorry for herself. The lord felt he needed her more in heaven, so has taken a hero from us. God speed Marcie. Jim, my sincere condolences.



I'm so very sorry to be reading this. I never had the pleasure of meeting Jim or Marcie, but sure talked with Marcie in the various Forums, a lot over the years. I first ran across her, when I discovered the old Alt.Mining.Rec Newsgroup..... a few years back.

It was at this time she was working with Dave and all the folks in Happy Camp, I believe as the Editor for the Club Newsletter. There were some bad times in her life then, that we don't have to get into. But it was Jim that was her Knight in Shining Armor, as she used to describe him. It was Jim that scooped her up and saved her, and they went off to Alaska, and lived happily ever-after.

Now she's gone. But will never be forgotten. If anybody has spent any time over the years on her's and Jimís website, they would know what a great and beautiful person she really is. The beautiful things that she would put to print, I can only dream that I would have the ability to try and come close......... nah, not a chance she was special in that way.

Marcie, may God look out for you for eternity, for we only got to have you for such a short time. She will be very missed.

Jim, I'm so very, very, sorry, for you and your family's loss. You know that not just the mining community, but all your friends and family that have been with you through all this terrible time, will all be praying for Marcie, and for your fast and pain filled healing. God Bless.

John, Kathy, and Sean Mason

Another great one has passed. May God Speed her home and treat her as the queen she has been. I will sure miss her as she was one of my "idols". God Bless You Marcie, You will be missed.


Hi Jim

My sincere condolences to you at this sad time. Marcie was a true fighter and never gave up.  She will surely sit at the Lords table.

Thinking of you both.


(New Zealand)

Dear Jim,

We are so very saddened to hear that Marcie has left her earthly life where all of us will miss her so:  seeing her; talking with her; visiting with her; and gleaning from her seemingly endless knowledge and wisdom about so many of our varied interests.   We initially met Marcie very briefly in Happy Camp perhaps 15 years ago, and "met" again on line sharing emails in the years since.  We had many mutual interests, mostly mining and her experiences in Alaska, even her love of gardening, nature and wildlife, but regretfully Marcie shared that she too had lost a son as did we.  She provided us comfort and support long after others closer to us had "moved on".  Marcie was a compassionate human being who sprinkled our hard-to-heal existence back then with flowers of understanding and hope.

While there were many more things we appreciated knowing about Marcie and her abilities, we especially loved her writing!  One would feel as if he/she were right there living the experience she had so aptly expressed in words.  She was an expert with them.  We're going to miss that most of all, because through one's words and expressions we are able to visit the hearts and spirits of each other.  And in doing so, our lives become more enriched.  Those shared experiences linger on to savor when the memories return to be enjoyed again and again.  Priceless.

Jim, please accept our sincere sympathy for the coming days, weeks, and months.  As you progress through your new future, may it bring you comfort and peace in knowing that Marcie's spirit is alive, well, and smiling!  Your deep personal faith will make the going more soft as you walk the path of grief.  May God bless you and keep you close, as well as your many friends during this difficult time.  Meanwhile, know that we're thinking of you, and Marcie is tucked into a pocket of our hearts to continue influencing us with her strength, perseverance and zest for life.   

Thank you for keeping us informed at this difficult time.  Know you're not alone in your sorrow.

Ron and Joan

Hello Jim,

I am truly sorry I never have had the opportunity to meet you. I met Marcie when she took care of my advertising at the 49 er publication years ago. She was one of the kindest most sincere people I have ever meant. Full of love and true caring. I can tell you that when you came into her life that it was the best thing that ever happened. I have also read much of your posts on the web and can clearly see that you are indeed a great person. Marcie is in a peaceful place now and I am sure she wants you to know that. You have been in our prayers for years and now we pray that you will find peace. If there is ANYTHING we can do- please let me know. Please stay in touch and I hope that one day we can meet. God Bless and our prayers are with you.

Your Friends- Bob & Sue Fitzgerald & Family

Reedsport, Oregon

Jim, please know you have our deepest sympathy - Marcie's incredible courage throughout her illness was truly heroic - our prayers are with you as you mourn her loss.  We knew her only in  a small way through her emails but her innate goodness and purity of spirit came through so clearly.  May your faith sustain you and provide comfort.

Jeanne & Dennis   


I am so very sorry to here about Marcie and I am sure that she is in a better place at this time. She has suffered long and hard and is certainly deserving of a peaceful rest.

She has been a pillar in the mining community for a very long time and she will be sorely missed by all of us. May she rest in peace.



We are sending you our love.   We are so sorry for your and Marcie's pain, but also very grateful for Marcie and you being in our lives.   Marcie's love was pure and whole.  It flowed easily and naturally from her... when we visited you in Oregon, it was easy to feel that love, compassion and friendship.  

Your faith has been such a teacher to us... in the wonderful e-mail conversations that I had with Marcie, it was easy to see that she adored you.   When she & I first "met" via her website and my subsequent e-mails,  I felt such a strong cord of knowing exactly how she felt about her former life... "before you" .  Our personal histories had many similarities,  I could feel  the depth of the emotions that she was sharing...  with the many many people that she shared her love of God with... myself included!   It seemed like she was speaking with each one of us individually. 

Because I understood her emotions about her life "before Jim", I could also understand the depth of her love for you.  You are her hero.  She felt secure and confident with you. 

Thank you both for teaching us so much about life, love and faith.

We want to help you in any way we can, but we know that right now, you are still in the midst of figuring our what to do.  Please let us know how we can help.

We love you,

Eric, Nelma & Cayla


Let me type through my tears here for a bit.

I have followed your life with Marcie for years now, my wife and I also met from afar. It hasn't been easy, has it?

Though there is much that runs through my mind upon reading this news, I have one overriding thing to say to you, Jim Foley.

Well done, sir. Oh, well done indeed. Nobly handled, manfully undertaken. You have my deep admiration for your conduct in these oh-so-long and trying times.

Your friend,

David "Zooka" Bryce


Dearest Jim,

I can't begin to tell you how deeply we feel the loss of Marcie, too.  She has been a part of our prayer lives ever since Nelma and I began praying together.  Marcie was a spunky, intelligent, generous, creative, courageous woman.   She was easy to love!  And I know that she brought out the very best in you, Jim. 

When I was married to Dawne and very lonely, I used to get some comfort from talking to folks on the gold forums.  Some of the questions I asked were pretty technical and Marcie stepped up to the plate and began fielding them -- that's how I got to know her.  She always gave it her all and her love for people literally shined through her writing!   I was always thrilled to get her insight into different aspects of mining, but I was even more thrilled that there was one person out there who cared for me enough to really listen to what I was saying and then really, genuinely try to help.    Though she didn't seem to profess her faith until you guys got together, I could see Jesus in Marcie even then -- some people just have that shine about them!

Jim, like you, I believe that this is but one chapter to our existence and that we'll all live on.  I'm looking forward to seeing Marcie again someday and I hope that she really understood the deep regard that Nelma and I had for her!

Jim, my friend, I know you must feel lost!  I know that I wouldn't feel like continuing on if something happened to Nelma, but I know that God has given me certain gifts that I still need to share with others.  I know that this is very true in your case, too.  Please know that we share your pain in the loss of Marcie and we are praying for you a lot, today, especially!

All of our love,

Eric and Nelma

Jim & Marcie,

My prayers are with you both.

What a wonderful lady, person, writer.

I have another small hollow spot in my heart.

Tomorrow, I will plant at my cabin, a wild white oak tree I started from an acorn I picked up in the hills while surveying last year in your memory Marcie.

You folks strength of faith has helped me through struggles of my own. Marcie, your experiences live beyond your time here. I carry and pass on your wisdom and kindness to my own family and friends.

It was my pleasure to have known you Marcie. Jim my prayers are with you.

Your friend,

Mike O'Connell


I am so sorry about your loss!! I grew to love her so much even though I'd never met her in person. May God be with you, and bless you for the devoted care you so faithfully gave her!

I am happy for her that's she's home.

My prayers are with you.



My heart cries for you today Jim.  You have truly fulfilled the Lord's will for you with this incredible sacrifice of love.  Her pain is over and she is in the Lord's loving arms now.  I will keep you in my prayers.




Jim. I just read on Leonardís Forum that Marcie has passed on.... My condolences you to you and any other family and friends.

I will miss her and her insight. She has helped me and a lot of other folks with her general upbeat and positive thoughts and concerns. I looked forward to her occasional updates and worried and pried with you and she along the way. I prayed last night that he would ease her pain and bring the smile and joy back into her life.... I guess that prayer was answered a little too forcibly, but as we've discussed many time,... He answers our prayers in ways that only he will know and he will pick the time.

I guess it was time for him to add a new Angel to his management staff... He got a great one Jim, and I'm sure she is smiling down on you now.... without pain or suffering and is surrounded by friends and relatives who are taking excellent care of her.

My heart goes out to you and you will remain in my prayers for all the good you have done for her and other such as myself. You and she are my idols in my own fight and I find it harder to carry on when I don't hear from you. Please stay in touch.

Is there a place where I can send flowers ?

May God Bless and keep you in this time of your sorrow.

In  Love and Sincerity,



I'm so sorry to hear that Marcie has died, and my thoughts are with you Jim, and your family during this difficult time.
I've seen how you are able to handle challenges in the past, and know you will find your strength to make it through this difficult time.
For those who do not know, or would like yo know more about Marcie...
please read about her, in her own words
Marcia Foley

Ron in WA


I'm sorry I didn't get to know Marcie she was a wonderful lady I can tell by reading her webpage and Jim also.

I have to say that there is not better joy then to know Christ lives and knowing that he lives in your life is something very special. My condolences to Jim and Family of Marcie .


Hello, Brother and Sister in Christ!
Even tho' we've never met, I know your hearts have a special "Marcie" hole in them now. And I wanted to reach out to 
you in your sorrow.
I'm so glad she's in a better place, and out of pain.  I'm so glad she is still a faithful servant of the living Lord Jesus Christ.
We will all meet again, on the other side of the vale of tears.
Please convey my sincere condolences to your wife as well.
I don't want anything from you, just wanted to speak words of comfort to your personal pain as you are so far away from 
the Brother in Christ who is definitely reeling now from
the mixture of relief and loss.

Megan Rose

Dear Jim,
What a terrible shock! Somehow we felt that she could keep going a few more months at least. I shall miss her terribly 
and we knew and loved her for all the years (since 1987) we have been New 49ers.
At least she should rest in the arms of our Lord and never know pain or suffering again. It was wonderful that God put you 
in her life just as she needed a good man like you. We appreciate all the care you gave her and pray that the Lord gives 
you strength to go on alone. 
We have both been down with pneumonia and not kept up with our e-mail. We are very slowly getting better and hope 
to get to Happy Camp this summer. If we do we plan to stop and see you. Will she be laid to rest in H.C.? 
May God bless you and support you in your loss.

Velma and Jim Fiorina

Dear Jim,

               I have been blessed with Marcieís friendship for much longer than I ever deserved. It is a true pleasure to remember the great lady. Her amazing mind and business sense made quite a few men prosperous. I have spent many an hour on her great website with all its' interesting facets. I do not know what her preference was but I'd be proud to attend any ceremony and contribute to her choice of charity. Cancer took many relatives of mine and The American Cancer Society has a great ratio on costs vs. distribution. Hang in there buddy, your great lady can now relax. Truly a sad moment-Respectfully -John Oates

Dear Jim,

Please find comfort in knowing that Marcie no longer feels pain, no longer feels fear and is truly happy in Gods hand. While your sorrow is great and you will surely miss her, she is looking down on you with love and appreciation of the great devotion you provided her.

Just as you gave her the greatest compassion and care, you must now give this to yourself. Take a deep breath and begin life again.

You have my best wishes and prayers and may God bless Marcie,

Dan Miller

Dear Jim,

Your Marcie was a very beautiful woman, I can see how happy you two were on your wedding day, and I can see why the picture of Marcie in a football jersey was one of your favorites. You were both very blessed to have each other. A love like you shared, many people have never known, and don't even know it is possible.  My thoughts and prayers are with you during this sad and difficult time.



Dearest Jim,

When Marcy met you I could see the incredible love she felt between you and her. I have so admired from afar the tenderness, warmth, comfortableness, and respect you had for one another. My heart was very happy for Marcy when she found you. She had been looking for you for so long.

And that love continues to give through her spirit to you. I let God know, when I read your email, that this woman was so loved and cherished--even though he already knew this. I am glad that she no longer is in pain and her spirit is joyful.

Bless you Jim for your inner strength and for taking loving care of my dear Friend, Marcie.



I am so very sorry to here about Marcie and I am sure that she is in a better place at this time. She has suffered long and hard and is certainly deserving of a peaceful rest.

She has been a pillar in the mining community for a very long time and she will be sorely missed by all of us. May she rest in peace.


My heart cries for you today Jim.  You have truly fulfilled the Lord's will for you with this incredible sacrifice of love.  Her pain is over and she is in the Lord's loving arms now.  I will keep you in my prayers.




As I set in my office and wipe the tears in sharing your great sorrow my prayers are with you...

Love in Christ..... Katie

Katie  Bostic


Being a straight shooting Kiwi, I don't mix my words and kinda say what I think as it comes to me. Damn woman, you are a rock. No wonder you have done what you have done, been where you have. And yet find time to teach us rock pulling.

The other night I was on here and wondered what was the situation after you folks had been down to Oregon. I wrote this big long email to Jim and when I tried to send it, it wouldn't go. Silly me I had just changed my ISP Company, So I had to let it go as I hadn't changed my mail server settings.

And then tonight I found your personal home page. After reading, I will be going through it tomorrow. More slowly, as there is so much from the heart, that I need to take a lot of time with it.

I cannot find the words to express my admiration for you, for the way you have so openly explained the cancer, that has afflicted you. Yes I can say the word and accept it.

It lives within us all I believe, but strikes randomly.
But I leave you with this. We all need a rock sometimes in our lives, sometimes to cling to it , sometimes to hide behind it , sometimes to stand next to it. Sometimes to admire it. Sometimes to call it "my friendĒ. Sometimes to stand in front of it and do as you have done. And most of the time to love.

That rock can be anything, your Grandparents, your Mum and Dad, your kids, your husband, your partner. Even looking at yourself. We all need rocks, for without them, we are gone.

After reading your chronicles and testament. I have found a new rock. And on that rock is engraved your name.

For you are a pillar amongst rocks and you have given me the greatest insight into the world of cancer, a world I feared, and was afraid of. Yet your candid and open heart has allayed my fears and trepidation. I have always feared I would get it. Yes I am a smoker, Doctor next week for chest ex rays. And yes question them.

So Marcie maybe this should be a personal email to you. But no. This should be read by all.

For as you have opened your heart, so must I.
I'm always gonna be a good dredger, a designer, well a mad scientist actually. But I will tell you this. After reading your life. I have to say this, Jim forgive me please. You aren't only a rock, you have balls, you know what I mean Marcie. I ainít that godly, I do believe in God and his son, Son of God. And I am glad they are around. Itís just when my life is going well I don't tend to call on them that often.
But on the times it has, gone bad. I have found myself on my knee's. First apologizing for my lack of contact for quite some time. And then asking for some help. I hate being humble, but sometimes a man has to do what he has to do. Oh heck sometimes I even cry, drat.

Well thatís enough. Guess I'm gonna have to put the wetsuit knee pads on, looks like there is some of those prayer things being uploaded from New Zealand tonight for Marcie.

Cheers Trevor


Hey there Trevor,

Recently we returned from our second annual pilgrimage to visit with Jim and Marcie and all I can say is that you have, with unerring accuracy, perfectly described Marcie's stance on life.

She certainly is a most calm, sweet, caring, strong, and tough and wise lady who touches everyone whom she meets right to their core.

I would have to say that those who have had the pleasure to have, at least briefly, traveled through life with her are - (listen up there Jim) - are very, very lucky, indeed!

Read all you can about this gentle warrior of life and then realize that she really does epitomize all those really good things twirled up into one.

If you're not careful that Mrs. Marcie will slowly and permanently pull you through the "Looking Glass" to an unexpected better view on life.

Joe and BJ


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