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PRESS  RELEASE                  October 16, 2007

                                      For Immediate Release


Senator Doug Whitsett (R-Klamath Falls) announced his candidacy today for a second term in the Oregon Senate. Whitsett filed the required documents with the Secretary of State’s office Wednesday.

“I have been privileged to serve the citizens of Senate District 28 during two regular legislative sessions and one special session. The challenges faced by the citizens of our five county rural district are significant, but with the encouragement of our friends and neighbors I look forward to the task of earning a second term in the Oregon Legislature” Whitsett said. “The free market system that has built this great nation is under unparalleled attack in Oregon. I am convinced that personal accountability and self-reliance are the cornerstones of our future. Current legislative spending has reached unsustainable levels and its inherent increases in taxes, fees, charges, licenses and regulations are stifling our economic growth and personal productivity. I believe that the economic future of our state is dependent on our ability to restrain the growth of state government.”

Senator Whitsett has focused his efforts in the Oregon Senate on making state government more accountable, efficient, and effective. He currently serves on the budget writing Ways and Means Committee, the Emergency Board that regulates government expenditures during the legislative interim, the Judiciary Committee, and the Administrative Hearings Oversight Committee. He has also served on the Commerce and Transportation committees as well as the Ways and Means Economic Development and General Government subcommittees.

“I want the opportunity to continue to work to prioritize government spending to provide better police coverage, schools, roads, and health care for rural Oregonians” Whitsett said. “ I will continue to battle for the best business environment possible for our small businesses, farmers, fishermen, ranchers, and other natural resource users.”

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