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Feds Using Tribal Govenments for Tyranny The New American magazine, posted to KBC 9/13/2020. This video features tribal expert, Cherokee Elaine Willman, telling about her new book TNA Magazine: "Federally funded tribal governments are being used as a battering ram against the U.S. Constitution, state sovereignty, and individual liberty, Indian policy expert and author Elaine Willman told The New American magazine's Alex Newman. In her new book American Tribal Tyranny, Willman lays it all bare. She gives insight into the new Supreme Court ruling on Oklahoma, and explains how the federal government's complex and unconstitutional Indian policy mess is helping destroy the nation."
Who did the spotted owl studies? Former Yurok forestry director released from jail; Raymond accused of embezzling tribal funds, posted to KBC 3/7/13. "Raymond and two biologists are accused of using an elaborate system of fake invoices, false purchase requests and electronic bank transfers to embezzle more than $870,000 in federal funds from the Yurok Tribe during a three-year period of wildlife preservation studies." (these included faked spotted owl studies). For more, see Klamath Science Misconduct page
Former Yurok forestry director pleads 'not guilty' to embezzlement, Times Standard 8/16/12. "Raymond and his two co-conspirators are accused of using an elaborate system of fake invoices, false purchase requests and electronic bank transfers to embezzle more than $870,000 in federal funds from the Yurok Tribe during a three-year period of wildlife preservation studies."
Environmentalists control California's Karuk Tribe, Its all about Drugs, not Fish nor Jobs, NWV, by investigative reporter Barry Clausen 12/14/11. "Goodwin became a friend of Hillmans when Hillman became Director of Karuk Natural Resources in Orleans during the late 1980s…. Together they boasted of being the best marijuana growers in Orleans."
Tribal Corruption every where right in Yreka, 12/8/11, letter by Jennifer Chrisman, member of the Alturas Indian Rancheria, to KBC News: "...had spent over ten million dollars of the Tribe's money. They were all using the Tribe's accounts to purchase race cars and trailers, cars, RVs, and heavy equipment. They were using the Desert Rose Casino in Alturas as their personal bank. Buying stuff to avoid taxes or to claim it as their own not the Tribes..."   
Information about Tulelake Homestead Bar, by Jennifer Chrisman, Alturas Indian Rancheria, to KBC News 12/7/11. "That bar was bought for the liquor license so they could transfer it to the casino in Yreka when it was complete."
Karuk Tribe Outlaws by Karuk Tribal member James Waddell, posted to KBC 7/19/11. "Within the Karuk Tribe of California, Mr. Alvin “Bud” Johnson and Mr. Gary Beck were leaders in developing a relationship with the environmentalists … the marijuana growers could help keep their marijuana gardens from being found...Timber production with loggers, timber cruisers and forest service workers posed the greatest threat of exposure of the marijuana growers...When I was trying to evaluate a timber sale in Dunn Creek of OR, I was threatened… by a trio of .357 Mag-armed pot growers...Happy Camp’s population has fallen from 3,000 in the 1980s to an estimated 840 by 1997...These Karuk Tribe of California-led political actions against loggers, gold miners, farmers and Klamath dams are not really about saving salmon.  Indians kill and sell tens of thousands of salmon per year..."
Letter to government agencies who were recipients of letter by Karuk spokesman Craig Tucker who was conjuring up a "summit" with the agencies to fix the Scott River, by Mark Baird, Vice President Scott Valley Protect Our Water, Vice President Siskiyou County Water Users Association. "The Karuk Tribe gained Federal status by taking a treaty signed by and for the Shasta people."

"Craig Tucker and his Karuk Tribe, call for Summit to: 'Solve the problems on the Scott River.' The goal of this meeting is to 'fix' the problems on the Scott River. Several problems arise immediately in this grand plan:
* The Karuk Tribe has no jurisdiction over the Scott River.
* The Karuk Tribe does not own property on the Scott River.
* The Karuks do not own any water rights on the Scott River.
* The Karuks have no jurisdiction in the affairs of the State of California. Congress regulates commerce with “Indians who are not taxed.”
* Mr. Tucker and his leadership, Leif Hillman, the convicted criminal, who heads up the Karuk Department of Natural Resources are attempting to gain control of property rights and water rights, which do not belong to them. "

  Craig Tucker Why the Indian Bureaucracy Should Be Dismantled, Carl Horowitz, posted to KBC 2/15/11
Pay attention to what tribal leaders are doing, H&N letter by Raymond Riddle, Madras, posted to KBC 9/20/10. "If you are a tribal member, you should be watching what is going on with the Klamath Tribes." Hillman speaks; Karuk leader suspended - claims he's not guilty - after airport meth arrest, Pioneer Press 4/22/09 Hillman Bust, Fishy Implications - the green cloak of corruption, Pioneer Press 4/22/09. "The vice-chair of the Karuk Tribe was recently arrested and charged with methamphetamine possession....
Leaf Grant Hillman, 44, of Orleans, Calif. Hillman appeared Thursday in Circuit Court on an indictment charging him with possession of methamphetamine. He was booked into jail and released on his own recognizance. Mail Tribune 4/5/09.  Defending the Karuk -  "They're liars", by Chairman Roy Hall, Jr., Vice Chairman Gary Lake, Shasta Nation, Pioneer Press 2/4/09. Letter to KBC regarding Karuk Tribe corruption, Karuk tribal member 7/3/08. Go HERE to find info if you are a victim of tribal corruption.
Plea for help from Karuk tribal corruption, 7/3/08 False image of tribal importance; Karuk tribal member letter regarding Tribes that interrupted Warren Buffet's stockholders' meeting, 5/6/08. Hillman Family Woes by Barry R. Clausen, posted to KBC 11/13/07.
James Waddell, Karuk Tribal Member, writes to KBC regarding Karuk Tribal Corruption, 9/2/07. "There are many things to be learned: corruption, embezzlement again and again, sexual harassment, fornication, illegitimate children, False Shamans, Pot-growers, giving Pot to children as young as five, threats to US Forest Service persons, and false claims  of "Being the Karuk Tribe" in the news media and in government meetings... and even in law suits!"

Karuk Tribal member James A. Waddell to Karuk Chairman Arch Super, 8/31/07. "Do the Karuk members know that over the years the Karuk Council members have helped political obstructionists to shut down loggers, sawmill workers, and related local businesses?  Water users?  Farmers?  Those working citizens used to be part of the economy of Siskiyou County!  Gone to find other jobs!"

Letter sent by Barry Clausen regarding letters concerning Karuk Tribal Council corruption, 8/31/07


Karuk Tribal leadership seeks hostile takeover, by John Goodwin, Pioneer Press opinion, posted to KBC 8/31/07

Last week Leif Hillman, Karuk Tribe vice chairman, allegedly beat his wife into a bloody unconsciousness with a beer bottle. According to concerned community members, "He is still doing business as usual and the Tribal Council has done nothing - I guess its ok to slash your wife's face if your a Karuk Indian. Sad isn't it?" 8/16/07 Karuk - No Reservation, My Opinion, by Barry R. Clausen, August 31, 2007. "Based on documents and interviews it appears obvious to me that the Tribal Council wants to stop all farmers, ranchers and recreational use of the Klamath and Salmon Rivers. There are over 50 areas of the Salmon and the Klamath that will be either closed or restricted to gold prospecting each year if Assembly Bill 1032 passes this year."
(Karuk) tribal leader accused, Beer Bottle Assault, Pioneer Press, posted to KBC 8/9/07. Karuk Leader Arrested
North Coast Journal 8/23/07
Karuk Intimidation Game, My Opinion - By Barry R. Clausen August 14, 2007.
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