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Klamath Tribes expand crime victim support with $400,000 grant H&N 4/11/19. "Klamath Tribes Social Services Director Marvin Garcia said they currently employ one victim advocate who handles up to 100 cases per month...More than 80 percent of Native American women across the country have experienced violence, according to the Indian Law Resource Center, and more than 50 percent have experienced sexual violence..."

$500,000 in water study funds cut, H&N 9/18/18. "...Klamath Tribes stated in a press release last week there is now no flexibility to even consider water allocation negotiations until significant progress is made on improving water quality in Upper Klamath Lake..." KBC Note: Klamath Tribes have been suing Klamath Water Users to shut down our deeded irrigation water all summer. 

California Farm Bureau Federation Friday Legislative and Governmental Update 2/5/16. Includes doubling pay on holidays for some jobs, and Calif. Water Board news, including Tribal Resolution No. 2010-0062 "AUTHORIZE FUNDING FROM THE CLEAN WATER STATE REVOLVING FUND (CWSRF) TO THE YUROK TRIBE (TRIBE) ... 'Western Rivers Conservancy submitted an application to the Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) Program on behalf of the Yurok Tribe (Tribe) for the acquisition of approximately 22,237 acres of forest land in the Klamath River watershed...A credit review was completed on November 4, 2010, recommending a maximum CWSRF financing amount of $18,750,000 for the project, assuming a 25-year term at a zero percent interest rate...' "

(Klamath) Tribes receive development grants. Biomass, solar project studies would be funded, H&N, posted to KBC 10/15/15. "A proposal for an inventory and market assessment for a tribal timber and wood biomass resources was awarded $113,832. Another proposal for a pre-development study for two large solar installations was granted $118,500."
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Klamath Tribes receive business grant, $98,000,  8/20/15

Tribes in 13 States Receive $4.2 Million From Service for Conservation Work, FWS 3/27/15. California and Southern Oregon Tribes Awarded Grants. "Tribal lands encompass millions of acres of important habitat for hundreds of wildlife species across the nation...Since its inception in 2003, the competitive Tribal Wildlife Grants program has awarded more than $68 million to Native American tribes, providing support for more than 400 conservation projects...Yurok Tribe ($176,771)...This project will support specific goals of the California Condor Recovery Plan. The Klamath Tribes ($200,000) The Re-introducing Extinct Populations of Endangered Suckers in the Upper Klamath Basin grant will assess and restore spawning habitat for endangered Lost River and shortnose suckers in Upper Klamath Lake Oregon."

Historic water pact; Tribes, irrigators settle divisive issues. $40 million will be given to the Klamath Tribes to create jobs, H&N 3/6/14. Includes schedule of meetings. "The Klamath Tribes will be allotted $40 million to establish an economic development plan and revitalize regional industry, including taking ownership of the 92,000-acre Mazama Forest as a condition of the KBRA. The Tribe also will receive $1 million annually from the Department of the Interior for a five-year period...Once a landowner has agreed to permanently retire rights, the government will have discretion whether to purchase the right or not....Tribal members will vote whether or not to accept the agreement...no general vote will be held to approve the pact (for non-tribal members)."

BOR to award tribal members drought funds, Relief program offers those with 1864 water rights $250 per acre,
followed by
Reclamation says no to (Klamath) tribal drought relief, appropriated funds will not be paid out this year, H&N 8/8/13

Rat poison left outside illegal pot plantations threatens spotted owls: "The (Hoopa)tribe has received a $200,000 grant from Fish and Wildlife ... to cleaning up as many as five pot plantations identified on the reservation" H&N 5/29/13

Settlement Checks Arrive in Hoopa Mailboxes “$49.2 million will soon be deposited into the tribe’s trust account, and then $31,269,000 will be paid out to Hoopa tribal members at $10,000 per capita.”

Tribes awarded $500,000 grant, H&N 9/20/11. “We’ve got a preliminary construction estimate of $1.2 million,” Sexton said. “We’ll raise the rest of the money through grants.”  

Tribes: Trimmed budget hits benefits, H&N 9/20/11. "What we want are the dams out,” Tucker said. “The water quality is horrible, our fishery is suffering. … Everything we cut out was important, but nothing is more important than getting the dams out...The proposed budget went from $970.5 million in federal funding over 10 years to $798.5 million over 15 years.  

Thompson announces $3.3 million for Yurok Tribe veteran cemetery, Times-Standard posted 9/18/11

Tribes say Klamath project budget reductions violate pact; Tribes want fisheries funded to restore original level, Capital Press,  9/15/11. "Fisheries restoration, reintroduction and monitoring were cut from $493.8 million to $421.5 million, although money for tribes was increased from $65.25 million to $87 million."

Hoopa Public Hearing on New Plan Scheduled for Sept. 7. "At an early August Hoopa Tribal Council Meeting the Tribal Fisheries Department was directed to provide a plan to spend $228,000 of salmon disaster relief aid by July of 2012...Over $50,000 was spent on purchasing gill nets for tribal fishers. Another $60,000 was spent on an ice machine that provides ice for better storage of fish while it awaits processing. About $5,000 was spent on ice chests for tribal members and the remaining money still sits, waiting to be spent by July of next year."

Feds award California tribe $1M for visitor center, Indian Country, posted to KBC 9/15/11

Karuk Tribe to receive $1.14 million for broadband access, Times Standard 8/23/11

Feds award Calif. (Yurok) tribe $1M for visitor center, Sacramento Bee 8/23/11

Tribes Get $245K For Job Creation. OPB 8/18/11 (Includes Klamath Tribes)

Native American Tribes Awarded More Than $2.03 Million for Conservation Projects in Three Western States, U.S. Fish and  Wildlife Service 5/25/11 Klamath Tribe: ($42,383) Determining Causes of Mule Deer Decline in the Klamath Basin,  Yurok Tribe: California ($200,000) Assessing Reintroduction Potential and Planning for Management of California Condors in the Greater Yurok Ancestral Region.
Transcript (word for word) from 2004 Klamath Tribe tour of their proposed land acquisition discussing decline of deer: CORRECTION: we mistakenly misspelled Gerda's name and since corrected it.
Gerda Hyde, rancher, addressing Klamath Tribal Chairman: "I live right in the middle of the Forest Service right now, and every time I drive home from Klamath, along the Williamson Road, there are spot lighters, and the deer in our area never get a chance to just be left alone. When I ride out in the spring, there are gut piles with fetuses in them. This isn’t right. If we could stop this type of hunting, I’m sure the deer herds would increase...Well what about the spot lighting of deer? Do you feel that that is the way you should be hunting, or should you go back to hunting the way your forefathers did to bring food on the table. I think high-powered rifles and spot lights and big trucks all over the place are not right..."
Don Gentry, Klamath Tribe Resource Specialist, "...We don’t want to make it illegal for a tribal member to go out and take a deer unless there is a biologically sound reason to prohibit tribal members from spot lighting..."

Request for FY 2012 Tribal Wildlife Grant Proposals, FWS 4/29/11. Nevada, California and Klamath Basin included. "The Fiscal Year 2012 President’s Budget proposes to fund the Tribal Wildlife Grant program at $8,000,000, a $1,000,000 increase from the FY2011 President’s budget request."

$10 million for drought relief; Klamath Tribes get $1.6 million to develop contingency drought relief plan, H&N, posted to KBC 9/20/10

Yurok Tribe funded to help Cal Fish & Game get it right! by environmental activist Felice Pace 7/11/10. "US Fish and Wildlife Service has awarded Yurok Tribe $25,000 to “provide assistance to the California Department of Fish and Game (CDFG) for the development of an adequate Environmental Impact Report for the analysis of the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement (KBRA) and Klamath Hydroelectric Settlement Agreement (KHSA) in support of the Secretarial Determination called for in the KHSA.”

More Than $2 Million Awarded to 12 Native American Tribes in California and Nevada for Wide Range of Conservation Work, USFWS, posted to KBC 2/26/10

Tribal travel center coming soon, $4.4 million facility could be open by Aug. 1, H&N 2/17/10

Stimulus funds go to California tribes, The Triplicate, posted to KBC 4/22/09

Yuroks seek $20 million state loan for land, Times Standard 4/15/09

(Yurok) Tribe hopes to return condors to Klamath; Possible release of large endangered birds could mean sightings in the Rogue Valley, new hunting regulations, Mail Tribune 3/6/09. "The tribe last spring received a $200,000 federal grant toward studying the feasibility of a reintroduction"

Tribes water claims wind through process, Billings Gazette 4/24/08

Interior grants disbursed to conservation projects, Indian Country 4/8/08.

U.S. EPA grant funds Yurok Tribe abandoned underground storage tank assessment, EPA, posted 3/13/08

Investment options sought for Yurok Tribe settlement funds, Triplicate 12/18/07.

Yuroks to reap $15,500 each from settlement; The windfall stems from the tribe's share of money from logging 50 years ago, plus interest, Sacramento Bee 12/8/07. "The money was to be divided equally, but only if each tribe agreed not to sue the federal government...The Hoopa tribe signed a waiver in 1991 and collected $34 million. But the Yuroks filed a lawsuit..."

Tribes pay members, Per capita distribution first since 1954 for Klamath Tribes, H&N 9/22/07. "The money comes from revenue generated at the Kla-Mo-Ya casino."

$92 million question, by Japhet Weeks, North Coast Journal 9/13/07. "There is a lot of mistrust about, if they do leave it in there (with Yurok Tribal government), how it will be handled," he said.

For Struggling Tribe, Dark Side to a Windfall, NY Times, 9/2/07. "...the Yurok people have already hit the jackpot. This spring, the Department of the Interior paid the tribe $92.6 million in logging proceeds, a figure roughly six times the tribe’s annual budget."

Letter to FERC from Elaine Willman, author of Going to Pieces, the dismantling of the United States of America, posted July 4, 2007. "Affected customers...were left uninformed and entirely unaware that $2 - $8 million dollar annual cash payments (settlement agreement funding mechanism) to a tribal government will be arbitrarily imposed upon the monthly utility-bills of all ratepayers, 90% of whom are non-tribal members..."

Yurok addresses settlement money, The Daily Triplicate, posted 6/27/07. "We're talking about how to spend $90 million," said Troy Fletcher, a Yurok Tribe member.."

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