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 Barnes Ranch won't work for water storage,
by Barnes' neighbor Paul Little

"I'm Paul Little, and I'm the neighbor north of the Barnes property in Fort Klamath. The purchase of the Barnes property will not add any water to the Agency Lake Ranch because the levee system on the North end is inadequate, not only on the Barnes property but on the Bengard-Mathis-Bacchi property.  They'll run it over there as fast as they'll run it (water) onto the Barnes property.  They could add water to the Barnes property to whatever it will hold, but that is all they will get.  So the 50,000, or 35,000 acre feet that they keep throwing out there is very inappropriate.  They might get another 5 or 6000 acre feet onto their 1500 they already store.

So, the purchase of the Barnes property for storage is ridiculous.  They would have to increase the levee on the north end 4 or 5 or 6 more feet to get the water held on all their property, not just the Barnes.  If they're trying to store 50,000 acre feet on the Barnes property they would have to have a 25 foot levee. If they want to own it they can, I don't care.  They can make swamp out of it, but they aren't going to store water on it.

(The way it is now) "we might get 2 feet on the 2400 acres, which is less than 5000 acre feet.  Most of that would evaporate.  They could save the water that they irrigate, and that's about what they would save.  It's not a water storage option."

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