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Klamath Basin resident Nell Kuonen provided the following letter she wrote to Pacific Corp on January 28, 2008.  

posted to KBC 8/20/08. Kuonen is a former Klamath County Commissioner.

"Just plain logic and common sense would dictate leaving the Klamath River dams in place. When Cecil Andrus was Secretary of the Interior, he flew over the Klamath River and the Klamath Irrigation Project. He was very impressed and said it was a great "working" river.

"In 1983 President Reagan appointed me the Federal Representative and Chairman of the Klamath River Basin Compact Commission. I continued to serve under the first President Bush. As you probably know, the Compact and been agreed to by both the Oregon and California legislatures and ratified by Congress in April 1957 and it worked! Too bad it was allowed to vanish! The value of the hydroelectric energy produced at the dams on the Klamath River is beyond measure. In addition to the valuable energy, there has been flood protection that is most important. Now, more than ever, both the energy and flood protection is needed. Civilizations have vanished by having no water or by bad water management.

"I sincerely hop a reasonable solution can be reached without removing any dams.

"Do the proponents of the removal of the dams ever consider the salmon that never get started up the river because they have eaten by seals at the mouth? I live near the Klamath River and it doesnít look like itís dying or even sick!"


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