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Don’t take away my fishing hole

Herald and News letter to editor by Cynthia Pigott, Keno

   Is algae in the lakes? Yes. Does it flow downstream? Probably. Has it harmed or killed fish or people? No.
   I have fished, and eaten the fished caught, in all the local lakes during algae blooms without harm for almost 20 years. This included Copco Lake.
   I fish for salmon two miles past Iron Gate Dam each fall and I can assure you the Klamath River has at no time been “neon green.”
   If algae in the Klamath River is a problem caused by the PacifiCorp dam system, then please explain the source of the algae blooms in Lake of the Woods, Fish Lake, Hyatt Lake, and all the other fishing sources in the area.
Using algae in the river as an excuse to remove the dams, when the Environmental Protection Agency hasn’t proven the source of the algae, is frivolous and pathetic. If I am to lose some of my favorite fishing holes, please give me a better and more factual reason than this.
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