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Letters: Klamath River is important issue in District 5 race

May 30, 2008, Crescent City Daily Triplicate by Kelly Keefer

To me, the most important issue in the District 5 Supervisor's race is the Klamath River. PacifiCorp's four hydroelectric dams on the Klamath River, the Irongate, Copco I, Copco II and J.C. Boyle dams, are all up for re-licensing. I have listened to what each candidate has said and I have read the informative articles in The Triplicate on the dam removal controversy. It is clear that this issue is of vital environmental and economic importance to Del Norte County.

Restoring a more natural flow to the Klamath should benefit the salmon and thus the economy of the county. But there are other important issues to consider. We know that there are toxic algae in the waters of the lakes behind the dams. We don't know what may be in the tons of toxic sludge and sediment that has been collecting at the bottom of those lakes or how to safely dispose of it.

I was disappointed and dismayed to find out that the Board of Supervisors in general and David Finigan in particular so completely dropped the ball by failing to participate in the dam removal settlement talks. The talks have gone on without a representative from the county and we have had no say in a process that has the potential to make a huge impact on the Klamath River system and Del Norte County.

Now Mr. Finigan wants to be re-elected to his position as the "representative" of District 5. In my opinion, District 5 would be better served by someone who would take the time to understand and to participate in the important issues and events affecting Del Norte County. Charlie Wick will make the Klamath a priority.

Kelly Keefer, Crescent City

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