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Panel rejects water agreement
Natural Resources Advisory Council opposes Klamath plan
By Ty Beaver, Herald and News, March 1, 2009

   Following are some notes on what’s going on in Klamath County government: 

   The Klamath County Natural Resources Advisory Council voted to oppose the current form of the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement during a meeting last week. Six council members voted against supporting the agreement, while two others abstained. 

   According to an e-mail from council chairwoman Andréa Rabe, the group supports reaching a settlement regarding water and natural resource issues in the Klamath Basin, but “concerns regarding delivery of irrigation water to Upper Basin irrigators, equal-access affordable power, management of the Mazama Tree Farm and dam removal” led them to not support the present form of the settlement. 

   The group has discussed whether to support or reject the restoration agreement for months, but had not voted until last week. 

   Pending state legislation would help pay for removal of the four hydroelectric dams on the Klamath River through a surcharge on some Oregonians’ power bills. 

   Dam removal is considered a key to implementation of the proposed agreement. 

   County to provide inspection services 

   Agreements with Lake County and state officials will help Klamath County generate some revenue and maintain staff in its building inspection department. 

   Under the agreements approved by Klamath County commissioners Tuesday, the state will pay the county $75 per hour plus travel expenses for the services of a building inspector. Lake County will pay $ 60 per hour plus travel expenses. 

   The agreements come as the state cuts staff and Lake County works to upgrade its inspectors to state requirements. 

   Rex Turner, county building official, said Klamath County’s charge for inspections is about $50 per hour.
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