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Siskiyou residents speak up about Klamath settlement  and dam removal
By Daniel Webster, Pioneer Press 1/30/08

The Shasta Tribe - and only the Shasta Tribe - have the aboriginal right to speak to the water quality of the Klamath River where the dams proposed for removal are located, according to Shasta Nation Vice Chairman Gary Lake.

And Lake says that the Klamath River was unfit for use in 1851, according to Gibb's Journal, and that the dams have actually improved the water conditions for the fish.

"If the dams are removed, it will destroy the fish habitat," Lake said.

The Karuk Tribe is one of the main proponents of dam removal.

John Martinez, former Karuk Tribe employee and candidate for state assembly, stood up before the Siskiyou County Supervisors Tuesday and asked them to investigate the aboriginal territory of the Karuks, and the treaty  under which they gained their recognition. He said that the treaty is fraudulent.

The Supervisors held their first public hearing regarding the Klamath Basin water settlement and dam removal last week. The second hearing is set for February 19 at 1:30 p.m.

"Approximately 1,600 privately owned parcels could suffer depreciation in value due to loss of shore-front property, loss of water access, loss of lake views, loss of recreational opportunity, impacts of the deconstruction process;, and impacts of muck and mire until the area is rehabbed and re-vegetated," states Katherine Lehman, President of People for the USA! Grange. "This would then adversely impact tax revenues received by the County."

Marshal Staunton of Tulelake, said that the agreement was a well thought out and a difficult process. but it took into account farming and fish habitat in his region.
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