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Klamath Report: This link has all the reports and filings pertaining to Hardy Phase II and Reclamation review

Evaluation of Instream Flow Needs in the Lower Klamath River Phase II Final Report
Original Posting 7/31/06 - Revision History provided in link below.

  Initial USU response to Klamath BOR comments
29 KB
  Revision History
12 KB
  BOR Klamath Area Office Comments on Phase II Final Report
1401 KB
  Phase II Final Report
16,732 KB
  Appendix A - Description of the methodology used to derive consumptive use based flows provided by BOR
25 KB
  Appendix B - Estimated unimpaired mean monthly flows at Keno, Iron Gate, major and minor tributaries below Iron Gate Dam
101 KB
  Appendix C - Flow duration data
745 KB
  Appendix D - Mean monthly flow duration estimates with the 1st and 3rd quartiles shown for the ensemble flow series at Keno
59 KB
  Appendix E - Plots of Modeled vs. Observed Water Surface Elevations at All Calibration Flows for All Study Sites
9,051 KB
  Appendix F - Comparisons of Modeled and Observed Velocities at Study Sites
678 KB
  Appendix G - Habitat Suitability Criteria Tables for Anadromous Species and Life Stages Modeled in the Lower Klamath River
34 KB
  Appendix H - Comparison between the original 1.6 meter and 0.6 meter interpolated habitat computational meshes for depth and velocity.
20,805 KB
  Appendix I - Weighted Usable Area and Percent Maximum Habitat Tables at the Site- and Reach-Levels
87 KB
  Appendix J - Monthly Discharge and Physical Habitat Exceedence Results for All Modeled Lifestages of Anadromous Species in the Lower Klamath River
33,438 KB
  Appendix K - Relationships between Monthly Flow and Annual Exceedence for Upper Klamath Lake and Iron Gate Dam
119 KB
  Appendix L - Monthly Instream Flows Associated with Specific Exceedence Levels for Flow, Physical Habitat, and Integrated Instream Flow Recommendations at Each Study Site
551 KB
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