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What Measure 49 Does to the Small Measure 37 Claimant

from Dave Hunnicutt, President Oregonians In Action 10/19/07

"I received this email from a lawyer in a small town in rural Oregon today. The only point that's wrong is that his clients won't even receive one home, as M49 raises the bar and makes it impossible for people to qualify for any of the relief promised in Sections 6 and 7 of the measure. I have a feeling these types of conversations are occurring across the state. Here is what the lawyer wrote:

'So, I have clients who have 80 or so acres, a small chunk of which is set off by a public road and there's nothing on it. There are two existing homesites on the majority of the property, which is in three separate parcels. The property is an old dairy farm, out of resource use for years and years with no possibility for future resource use. They have their county M37 approval and the state approval is pending.

My reading of M49 would, at most, allow an additional dwelling on the small lot on the other side of the road, nothing more on the larger parcel.

This is just awful. These poor folks have been banking their livelihood on M37. If 49 passes, they'll in all likelihood be bankrupt. The wife is suffering a new onset of cancer.

I cannot believe people would have the gall to claim M49 is an improvement.'

Please pass this email on to your friends and relatives and ask them to vote No on Measure 49."

Dave Hunnicutt
President Oregonians In Action

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