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Herald and News letter to the editor July 8, 2005

I must admit I was surprised to see a week-long article on the local tribes' misfortune in their money management.

I wonder how many of us use poor judgment in some of our own money management skills. And how many have been taken advantage of by unscrupulous people who have seen an opportunity to take what we have and not feel bad.

As I understand, the  Tribes sold the land fair and square. It is not fair to blame others for the misfortune of the few who may have spent unwisely.

As I see it, the Winema National Forest belongs to all of us and should stay that way. I have seen the improvements to the forest in the area of drainage and road repairs and maintenance.

I have also seen what can happen when the dead and dying trees are not harvested. You end up with a forest that is not healthy. One might ask the    Tribes why they stopped so many timber harvesting contracts if they have the forest's best interests at hears.

I can't for the life of me understand why we have a sovereign nation" with in the United States. Such sovereign nations have all the rights of a foreign country. Think about it: As it stands, the Winema National Forest belongs to all of us, not a foreign nation with its own laws and rules, over which, I might add, the state, local and federal government, has no jurisdiction.

What will we be looking at as far as laws for the private landowners who have property  in and about the Winema Forest? And what about the local taxes? Foreign countries don't pay taxes.

Keep the Winema National Forest public land for all to use.

Chris Howard

Klamath Falls
Klamath Basin Alliance Board of Directors




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