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Fight reservation
by Dr. Calvin Hunt

H&N 12/1/03

In 1986, the Klamath Tribes were recognized as a sovereign nation. Their constitution and amendments dated Nov. 25, 2000 Section 2 states: The Sovereign Powers Authority and Jurisdiction of the Klamath Tribe and its government shall extend to all persons and activities within the territory which formerly constituted the Klamath Reservation and is consistent with federal law.

The program of the sovereign Klamath Tribe is analogous to that of the United Nations organization in designating national heritage sites and parks such as Yellowstone and Yosemite, totally disregarding the sovereign status of the United States and its citizens and dealing only with the U.S. Congress.

The secretary of the interior has responsibility to regulate the sale and lease of land and the purchase of land for Indians and tribes. The Congress and secretary of the interior have jurisdiction over the Klamath Tribes and the former reservation land, as stated in a letter from the office of the secretary of the interior. The United States Congress would have to approve any land adjustment that the secretary of the interior might propose.

Citizens of the Klamath Basin, I implore you to write a simple letter to our representative and secretaries in Washington, D.C., asking them not to restore the former reservation land to the sovereign Klamath Indian Tribe.

Dr. Calvin L. Hunt

Klamath Falls




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