Time to Take Action
Our Klamath Basin Water Crisis
Upholding rural Americans' rights to grow food,
own property, and caretake our wildlife and natural resources.

Letter to KBC: "I have a question, why cant "We the People"  fire some of these jerks?  Or just get rid of some of the agencies like the BLM?  Do we still have the power?  No probably not, but government is not run by the people and anyone who still thinks it is should take a harder look.  Unless we all stand together against these agencies we wont have any free "public" lands or water for private lands.  Good luck!   Lisa...Washington."


Thanks for writing. It is so frustrating to see how these agencies are taking our water and our rights with no accountability.
Like the Endangered Species Act, last week there were a bunch of government agency directors in one room with congressional representatives and farmers and city officials.  Even though the counting of sucker fish was faulty (like, there were tens of thousands more fish that they thought when they listed them as endangered), we can't seem to get them de-listed. They won't remove the Chiloquin dam that is a barrier for over 90% of the fish habitat, and they won't fund counting the fish.  And the agency director said that he wasn't sure about how they got listed...he didn't work there then. So here we are, they shut down 1400 family farms in 2001, they are TAKING over 75,000 acre feet of our water this year, 100,000AF next year regardless of the hydrology, which is downsizing the Klamath Project and our economy by 1/4, our wells are drying up, USFWS refuses to de-list or count sucker fish, and millions of dollars have been allocated recently to buy more private land to flood more land to make more marsh that has been making water quality worse and evaporating more water than irrigation uses. 
Welcome to America 2004. It's scary and it's happening.

Luck isn't happening, so try praying for us. Thanks.






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