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A special invite for you to join the Grange

Pioneer Press April 30, 2008

To the Editor:

This in an invite for membership in our Grange to Help us take a stand for Justice, Freedom and Liberty. As Secretary, I am making this request for you to join the People for the United States of America (PFUSA) Grange in Hornbrook #835, which goes on your application. It is $38.00 a year. We and all the granges need more members so we will be able to make an impression and get more things done when it comes to the determination of our rights.

It seems that there are too many groups in this area and in the USA who want to take over our land, water and close roads. They are doing it through systems of Law. However, it seems this group that wants to remove our dams and rewild this area, overstepped their authority. They held a more than less secret meeting for over two years. They called it "Confidential and Privileged Settlement Communication." it is also called "The Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement." If you own land in this area, you are a Stockholder and are affected. Even if you just live here you are affected.

They state, in the document, that all stockholders agreed with this document. That is not true. There were many, many, Wildlanders in that group who want to rewild this area. Taking down dams and closing roads is a beginning.

United we stand, divided we fall. Join us and help our voices to be heard, to keep our economy in tact, along with our lives, liberties and properties.

Well, I am on my horse calling: the Wildlanders are coming, the Wildlanders are coming, the Wildlanders are here! Go to 347 N Main St. in Yreka, 96097, with no fear, to pick up an application, my dear, or call 459-0537 and one will be mailed to you. Please Join us, we must build our membership to be successful.

Nita Still Montague
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