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 Letter to the Oregonian editor by Arlene Kovack, Oregon Women for Agriculture
August 22, 2005
(The Oregonian had a full page ad in the paper the day (Congressman) Pombo was here, against ESA reform so I wrote a letter to the editor as follows:)

The full-page ad in the August 18th in the Metro section of the Oregonian about the Endangered Species Act (ESA) was misleading at best. The Endangered Species Act only has less than a 1% success rate in 30 years, while costing farmers, ranchers and other businesses (and ultimately, you) billions of dollars trying to comply with nonsensical rules. Rep. Richard Pombo is trying to reform the ESA so that we actually save species, rather than just sue each other out of existence--he is not trying to repeal it or weaken it, but make it work. When you hear organizations fighting ESA reform, you can figure they have money at risk somewhere!

The ad also makes it sound like pesticides are a bad thing--something we use every day: under our arms (deodorants), in our mouths (mouth wash), in our dishwater, and in our hair (medicated shampoo). Think of them as medicine for our crops. Would you think of not treating pests like lice in your hair or ringworm on your skin? When crops have pests, we treat them, and with as little of the pesticide as possible as they are quite expensive. And we have to have training and a license to do it.

Arlene Kovash
Monmouth, OR 97361





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