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Action Alert
Congress To Hold Hearing on Water Crisis
Comments Needed ASAP
Tell Congress how the water crisis impacts you & your community.
California not only faces the third year of drought conditions, but also a regulatory drought caused by court rulings on the Endangered Species Act that restricted water releases.
Congressman George Radanovich (R-Mariposa) recently introduced H.R. 856, the California Drought Alleviation Act of 2009, to address the regulatory drought felt in California.  H.R. 856 will:
  • Provide a waiver of the endangered species act as long as the drought persists
  • Create a fish hatchery program to restore the endangered fish species
 On March 31, a hearing will be held in the House Resources Committee to address California's drought conditions.  Your letters are needed to explain how the water crisis has directly impacted your operation.
Your comments will be entered into Congressional record.  Please include how water shortages have impacted acres lost, changes in cropping plans, your own financial health, jobs lost and local communities.


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