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Bucket important reminder

It is obvious when you read some of the letters sent in about the bucket in front of the Klamath County Courthouse that the significance is not for visitors. It is to remind those of us who live here that we need to remain involved and united to protect a way of life that has defined this Basin.

Timber was taken away from us by outside interests and nothing was done to stop them. Now we are all paying the price because of lost revenue.

We need to keep vigilant and not let the same thing happen to our farm lands. The bucket needs to stay right where it is to remind us daily that the fight is far from over.

This great part of America has always been defined by the ethics of hard-working people that live and work off of land they love. I hope this Basin never “progresses” to the point of being just another destination resort. And no, I am not a farmer, but I was born and raised here and respect the way of life and hope that we do not let new transplants, who came here because of what we have to offer, destroy the very thing that attracted them here.

Donna Stevens

Klamath Falls




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