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Bucket a patriotic symbol

Please don't move our bucket that stands proudly in front of the Klamath County Courthouse. It is the most patriotic symbol in our town.

We were some of the farmers who lost their water. Trust us, the financial and emotional impact is still with us.

When we arrived in town to help with the Bucket Brigade, I (Ethel) was so moved I cried. To see the thousands of people who traveled so many miles to help us was unbelievable. I talked to people from all over our United States and even some from Canada. They didn't come for money or glory; they came to help us. We can never thank the organizers and participants of the Bucket Brigade enough; they saved our ranch.

When you see the bucket, be sure to remember those farmers who lost their homes and the many families forced to relocate due to lacks of jobs. Don't forget the stores and businesses who were devastated when the farmers could not use their supplies, etc.

The bucket should also remain in front of the Klamath County Courthouse to remind all of us to be vigilant at the current attacks trying to steal our water; yes, it is a continuing threat.

To say our bucket is a symbol of racism is negative and ignorant. It stands as a proud symbol to every person here or traveling through, as to what a handful of Americans were able to accomplish.

Let's be Americans together and be proud to be in Klamath Falls, the town that fought back and won.

Bill and Ethel Rust


Keep it where it is

Just five short years ago, in 2001, all water for irrigation for the Klamath Project was shut off completely.

The disaster that followed is history.

The message we're getting regarding the “Bucket rebate” is: It is no longer news, or important.

To my husband and myself, the bucket will always stand for a community that came together. Yes, Klamath Falls, Oregon, fought back, and our voices were heard.

It was, and is, an incredible experience to be even a tiny part of that. We will always be proud of the people that made it happen.

In regards to other letters in the Herald and News on this subject - you don't get it. It was never a war, or about them vs. us. It is about trying to keep our agricultural community alive.

Keep the bucket.

Laurel Van Morrisett

Klamath Falls




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