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12/2/06 A Klamath Water User responds to Doug's comments on Klamath Dam removal.

The momentum is against us and has been for some time. BUT I am not willing to throw in the towel.

I think we need to have logic and world perspective working for us.

Doug's argument is great and refers to some of our biggest fears. Many of the quotes come from decades past.

I think it would be useful to follow the monkey wrench gang from the 70's and 80's and see how they have positioned the dam agenda to where we are today.

I believe there has been some very smart strategy that has gone from outright anarchist rhetoric to under the radar, back room movements so that now our own government is taking actions that may very quickly lead to the demise of our western society.

So, how do we advocate for smart natural resource management including hydroelectric production, without coming across as "those who see black helicopters"?

I think we do something very similar to the Pelosiites ( def. One person or a group of people who follow the socialistic direction of Nancy Pelosi that is sure to create anarchy). We let science based leadership advocate for us.

This means that we have world respected anthropologists, social scientists, and perhaps political scientists lay out the meaning of the very slippery slope we have found our nation stepping on.

Quick! We need to recognize where we are and how vital it is that we step off the slope NOW!

We can do it with the help of Al Gore's internet.

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Signed, A Klamath Water User

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