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Economic information regarding Klamath River Dam Removal

From Marcia Armstrong, Siskiyou County Supervisor District 5, 9/16/06

If dams were removed, the tax revenues for these dams of approximately $730,000 per year would be lost, or at least it is anticipated that this would be lost. If the removal of the dams had other impacts upon other lands of the dam owner, PacifiCorp, it is our understanding that there is approximately an additional $500,000+ per year of tax revenue from these properties.

In addition, while we do not have total verified numbers with regard to other tax loss impacts, it is anticipated that there would be depreciation in value of the properties of the private property owners in the area resulting from the loss of shorefront property, together with some potential impacts resulting from noise or nuisance impact during deconstruction, and other devaluation that results from the muck and mire which would exist until the land which was formerly reservoir bottom was rehabbed and re-vegetated. It is presently anticipated that tax revenues from these devaluing factors would be substantial, although not totally quantified at this time. It is our present understanding that there may be as many as 1,000+ parcels which may be so affected.

In addition, loss of business opportunities, including whitewater rafting opportunities, could result in lower business taxes being paid.


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