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About the Dams
Letter to the editor Pioneer Press 2/14/07

First, I will give you three reasons not to remove them.

1. It would raise the cost of our electricity.

2. It would cause more pollution because they would have to use fossil fuel to run the generators.

3. They would have no control over river flow. In a dry year there wouldn't be enough water for the salmon and in a wet year most of the homes along the river would be flooded.

As to helping the salmon, they need to do away with most of the sea lions at the mouth of the river. Then they need to stop the Indians from putting nets across the mouth of the river. 'Then they need to stop the fishermen with their long nets out in the ocean.

The Copco Dam has been there for over 80 years. So, all of a sudden it is killing fish?

C. E. Allen, Yreka

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