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 NRC final report

What is the NRC committee?

Go HERE for entire final NAS report.

ARTICLES regarding NRC final report

Klamath report spreads the pain of habitat repair, Redding Record Searchlight, 10/25/03

Editorial: Klamath conundrum, Science points to a political solution, SacBee 10/27/03. "The Klamath River basin, site of one of the West's most intractable water problems, recently got a new and important dose of science that should make alfalfa farmers, salmon fishermen and federal agencies equally uncomfortable."

Report targets dams, H&N 10/26/03

Walden, Doolittle, Herger Request Resources Committee Hearing to Examine NRC Report on Klamath Water Shut-off, 10/23/03

Klamath report calls for broader approach to saving fish. 10/21/03 U C Davis

California: Report on Fish Kill, NY Times, Oct 22, 2003.According to the NRC report "neither the flows nor temperatures that occurred during the fish kill were unprecedented, and the committee agreed that neither flow nor temperature conditions alone can explain the fish kill." So KBC would say that NYT twisted this a bit, or rather, left out a little.

The following 2 USFWS coincidently-well-timed-leaked articles are 9-month-old drafts: Why aren't we surprised? kbc
Fish report fallout keeps on coming, H&N 10/23/03
Leaked FWS report links fish kill to low flows Greenwire reporter 10/23/03

Restoration focus needs to be habitat, 10/22/03 Siskiyou Daily News.

PRESS RELEASE: Smith Calls on Klamath Task Force to Move Quickly on National Academies’ Recommendations, 10/22/03  “I believe this report provides us with an opportunity to move forward with actions that will actually recover salmon and suckers, without decimating the local economy,” wrote Smith.

Klamath Basin overhaul is urged in report, Sacbee 10/22/03

Scientists offer Klamath Remedies, Oregonian 10/22/03

Study says irrigation did not kill salmon, Washington Post 10/22/03

Panel urges large scale approach to protect fish in the Klamath Basin LA Times  10/22/03

Study recommends massive effort to restore salmon, Times Standard 10/22/03

Its final - no basis for cut-off, H&N 10/22/03

PRESS RELEASE: Congressman Walden: "NRC Report Confirms 2001 Klamath Water Shut-off Was Not Scientifically Justified; Outlines Roadmap for Recovery of Sucker Fish & Coho Salmon, Klamath Basin Agriculture"
      "National Research Council (NRC) finds that Upper Klamath Lake levels have no bearing on sucker fish mortality; report refutes blame to Klamath Project for 2002 fish kill"
Go HERE for entire final NAS report.

Klamath Water Users Respond to NAS Final Report, 10/21/03

PRESS RELEASE: Report by National Academy of Science, 10/21/03

Interior Department Statement on National Research Council Report, 10/21/03





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