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8/25/07: Newest Beast, the Census Bureau


Here's my newest Beast to tackle. I'm still gathering information from various communities, counties and states, but so far the research done indicates that all cities, townships, counties located within/adjacent to an Indian reservation received the (following) 2-page letter from the Census Bureau.
Also (following) is the 2-page response (from) the Mayor of the Town of Harrah which provides some initial arguments objecting to this outrage. Our national group, CERA, will be making this a national issue and we fully expect to defeat this long before its time to take the 2010 census.
Where the federal and many State courts are beginning to rein in the tribes, and where a few more elected officials are less beholding to the tribal $$, - we're now faced with an explosion of whacko federal programs coming out of numerous federal agencies that is spreading tribalism as a governing system - like an epidemic.
We'll get rid of this though.  Good eventually prevails...although it must be very difficult for you to believe that at times.
Never, ever give up! 
Take care,