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8 peer-reviewed reasons, by USFWS, for decline in Klamath River salmon populations.


The effect of ocean Conditions on salmon survival and returns, presented by Joseph C. Greene, Research Biologist, posted to KBC 6/10/06, presented May 23, 2006 at Yreka Grange, Power Point Presentation
Joseph Green biography

Oregon's coho are partying tonight, they're not going extinct after all, SouthernOregonNews.com 2/25/04

NEWS RELEASE: Pacific Legal Foundation Oregon Coast Salmon listing invalidated: Ninth Circuit dismisses appeal of Landmark Alsea Case. Bogus ESA Protections for "Wild" Salmon Must Go. 2/24/04

Salmon return in big numbers, Statesman Journal 10/11/03.  "Those were the highest daily counts in 65 years of record-keeping. A single-day record of 45,884 chinook was set Sept. 11. "

Farm-raised salmon is putting fishermen who harvest the ocean out of business, posted 7/22/03 The Oregonian.

Oregon tribes get 2nd highest salmon run since 1960, KTAU.COM7/18/03

California fishermen give fish away, AP 7//8/03

Slippery Salmon Science on Trial Before Ninth Circuit by Russ Brooks, Managing Attorney, Pacific Legal Foundation, 5/6/03

Lawsuit because hatchery salmon poop in the Klamath River, 5/16/03

Sea Lions at the mouth of the Klamath River eat thousands of salmon, 5/30/03

Sea Lions feasting on fish runs, The Oregonian, 5/27/03

Salmon killed by illegal drug activities?, Sarah Foster, World Net Daily 2/22.




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