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We have buried our dead once already, Shasta Tribal leader Gary Lake, Siskiyou Daily News 11/30/10. "NOWHERE in the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement (KBRA) are the Shasta People recognized. The Klamath Hydro Settlement Agreement (KHSA) exposes the Shasta People's burial grounds, Spiritual sites, ceremonial grounds and villages which are currently protected by reservoirs behind the dams that are to be taken out."
No more wilderness or National Monuments. "Happy Camp is already surrounded by wilderness areas and prime wildfire dangers.  Don't make it worse!," by Karuk Tribal member James Waddell, 5/28/10 Karuk Forum - "Hillman Has Resigned." Hilman was Karuk vice chair. HERE for more on Hilman
Karuk People of the Klamath History… and nothing to do with Karuk Political Activists in law suits or with crazy Karuk Dam Removal Efforts! letter by James Waddell, Karuk Tribal Member and U.S. Veteran, posted to KBC 2/8/10. Note from Waddell: "The Karuk People never had a chance to vote on the Klamath dam removal, or the law suit against the US Forest Service, or the law suit against the CA Fish & Game, or the law suit agains the Water Quality Control Board, or the law suit against the gold miners."
Karuk voting on Klamath Dam removal, by Karuk tribal member James Waddell 2/7/10 “Freedom in the USA?” by Karuk tribal member James Waddell 7/4/09
By Karuk Tribal member James Waddell: "The Death of Honor; and the Desertion of Our Children," posted 7/4/09 Letter by Karuk Tribal Member James Waddell to the Calif. St. Water Quality Control Board regarding Klamath Dam removal, 1/18/09.
Ph.D. Steven Haberfeld, Indian dispute resolution director, writes to Basin Alliance saying Tribal Member Philip Brendale is not allowed to come to the Klamath Basin. Larry Toelle of Siskiyou County Responds, 5/23/08 KBC responds to Ph.D. Haberfeld's accusations: Ph.D. Steven Haberfeld, Indian dispute resolution services director, sends scathing letter to Klamath Basin Alliance and off-Project representatives, calling them "racist," "nonnegotiable," with "baseless hatred," "distorted arguments," "deliberate misinformation," "unpure motives," and "race prejudiced," for Basin Alliance inviting an Indian to speak at a meeting. The 2 off-project men he defamed had nothing to do with tribal member Philip Brendale's invitation to speak with some invited guests. By KBC 5/24/08.  

Letter from Karuk Tribal member James Waddell to friend Glen, and from Glen to friend Leo regarding Klamath settlement agreement, posted 4/25/08

Powers of Control/Settlement Agreement, Klamath Settlement by Karuk tribal member 3/13/08 Letter to KBC regarding settlement by Karuk tribal member 02/19/08
To the people of Klamath Basin, Klamath River and interested parties, by Karuk Tribal member James A. Waddell, 9/20/07 Letter from Karuk Tribal member James A. Waddell to Senator Dave Cox, 10/8/07. "... not even 10% of the Karuk Tribal members are involved in, or even informed of, Karuk Tribe Law Suits...There are Tribal members that have been threatened and faced threats to their families...  
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