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Merger and Buyout of America

By Toni Thayer, Published by www.ToniThayer.com   July 5, 2009

America just celebrated another birthday, her 233rd.  I wonder if she’ll live to see another one.  The America that is standing before her citizens in 2009 is an old worn out hag who doesn’t even closely resemble her former self.  In her early years, she had morals and ethics, and she was known for righteous ideals, like individual freedoms, liberties and justice.  She’s done an about face in the New Millennium, becoming greedy, power crazed and wielding a heavy sword.  I had no desire to celebrate her birthday this year.

On July 3rd, I received the notice that my rental house had been officially foreclosed.  My landlord said the Deed of Trust was held by JP Morgan Chase, by capital, the largest U.S. bank.  (Top 1000 World Banks 2009, by The Banker) My "Voluntary Vacancy" offer was from Deutsche Bank, Germany’s largest bank, headquartered in Berlin.

A New York Times article from Feb. 1999 identifies Deutsche Bank as a financier of the Nazi Auschwitz death camp.  Journalist John Schmid states, “The revelations follow heightened scrutiny in the United States of the Nazi-era past of Deutsche Bank after it announced plans last year to acquire Bankers Trust Corp., the eighth-largest U.S. bank.” (Deutsche Bank Linked To Auschwitz Funding)

There’s a fraud case underway in Italy against Deutsche, JP Morgan Chase and several other banks.  Another case was just settled in Texas, in which Deutsche and Credit Suisse were alleged to have committed “fraud and tortious interference”. (UBS, Deutsche Bank Are Said to Get Back Assets in Milan Probe and Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank Settle With Huntsman for $1.73 Billion)

Now it seems the German bank is working closely with “America’s giant”, JP Morgan Chase, to quickly scoop up some real estate chunks of the once-great nation called the United States of America.  The two banks haven’t merged, but a Google search on the two names reveals their intertwining links on lots and lots of projects.

My landlord stated that they sure didn’t follow the letter of the law during the foreclosure process.  According to her, JP Morgan Chase took possession before it was legally allowed on 3 of the 4 parcels.  She said that I shouldn’t have to vacate mine until Sept. or Oct.  But who really knows, she hasn’t been on the up-and-up either. 

Most of the 11 tenants on the 7 acres were never told by anyone that the property was in foreclosure.  The banks didn’t post notices on the property as the law requires, and the landlord didn’t inform her tenants, also required. 

Tenants were told the day before America’s latest birthday party. Deutsche's local representative, Dalles Real Estate, was too chicken shit to personally deliver the notices, instead dropping them off to a fellow tenant and asking him to distribute them to everyone.

The 7 acres is a very special place, situated as a forest service in-holding on 3 sides and near ancient archeological treasures.  The Grand Canyon Trust wants the nearby forest preserved with many existing uses stopped, and this land parcel would tie the forest together and fit nicely into their scheme.

David Bonderman is a board member of the Grand Canyon Trust.  He’s a multi-billionaire who makes profit by buying distressed and failing businesses.  He’s the founder of the world’s second biggest leveraged buyout firm, Texas Pacific. (Don't Trust the Trust) Texas Pacific’s “financial advisor” is none other than Deutsche Bank Securities. (Harrah's Agrees to Apollo, Texas Pacific Buyout Offer)

It seems the German bank may be in a good position when China and other foreigners come knocking to buy American land. In a 2007 article, BBC News referenced Cleveland, Ohio as "the sub-prime capital of the United States. One in ten homes in the city is now vacant, and whole neighbourhoods have been blighted by foreclosed, vandalized and boarded-up homes. Many of these homes are now owned by the banks and investment pools owning the mortgages, and the company making the most foreclosures in Cleveland is Deutsche Bank Trust . . ." (Foreclosure Wave Sweeps America)

During the current severe depression, this global economy crap will keep American land and housing prices inflated by foreign bankers and buyers even while Americans are forced into the streets and tents.  Americans will lose, but the banker mobsters won’t.

Americans are a people who can no longer afford to live in their own Homeland, and being an American has new meaning in the 21st Century.  It means you’re someone who has lost it all in your struggle to merely survive. 

Out of one side of their mouths, Obummer and the politicians say Americans have to help this country by giving more.  Out of the other side, they’re directing and funding the theft of Americans’ jobs, money, private property, health, life, security and future.  They want it all.

The process is rapidly gaining steam and has only begun.  When they’re finished, Americans will be finished — left with nothing, a big fat zero, zilch, notta.  So, where exactly do the homeless live?

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