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Letter from Oregon troller Scott Cook to Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen (PCFFA) Zeke Grader, 4/23/06 

Hi Zeke,

My name is Scott Cook. I am a member of the ad hoc group that has worked hard to push for disaster relief for the troll fleet. I am also an Oregon troller owner operator.

When we started this two months ago we saw the writing on the wall and have grabbed the bull by the horn and moved forward. In doing so we looked at the mistakes the PCFFA made last year in their attempt, as Oregon has spearheaded this effort.

I find it appalling that the PCFFA has not contacted any one in the group in Oregon to see what and how we are doing things.......if this is going to work we are all going to have to be on the same page. Please know the consensus in Oregon is down with the PCFFA. Your recent lawsuit against the coho delisting just about ended any hope for the PCFFA in Oregon. Don Stevens recent letter to Glen is truly how we all feel about him in Oregon. Right now we know that if we don't get money for the fleet , there wont be a fleet when they finally get around to fixing the Klamath. Also please know we in Oregon are tired of Glen Spain and Earth Justice telling mistruths about the Klamath and the farmers, as we in Oregon are looking for solutions to all of our problems; the farmers have just as much right to make a living as fisherman do. Please know I am very well versed on the Klamath and can not be bullshitted. My words to you
are very simple: either find out what the fleet is doing up and down the coast and start looking after your boats in California, or get the hell out of all our lives.

Best of luck in the future,

Scott Cook owner operator
F/V Dina Maria




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