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KSYC radio news 103.9 FM – Part 3 Week of MARCH 19-24

 News from KSYC 103.9 FM radio in Yreka, CA.

Week of March 19-24, 2012

Siskiyou Under Siege – Parts 1, 2 and 3:

Coho Recovery Plan, Black Bear Commune, and Cast of Characters

Coho Recovery Plan

The United States Fish and Wildlife Service, at the Board of Supervisors meeting,  listened as the Board led by Grace Bennett, sent a barrage of criticism toward the service for the faulty science and poor methodology in the COHO recovery plan.

Supervisor Armstrong mentioned Service ignorance of historical conditions.  She cited the Kidder Diaries which describe the seasonal creeks of Scott Valley.  Supervisor Armstrong also referred to tree height in the shading of the waterways and how the Fish and Wild Life obtained their data from the Olympic Peninsula. Armstrong closed by saying the science seemed to be anecdotal, with very little real science.

Supervisor Kobseff berated the logic through which the Service was naming irrigation ditches as critical coho habitat.  Kobseff said, “ we are putting out a sufficient number of smolts but cannot control the conditions in the main stem Klamath and we have no control over returning Spawners”.  “What are the subsistence numbers of tribal take, who is counting those fish.  Now the Yuroks want a big cannery.  Will we be responsible for the increased take?

Supervisor Valenzuela commented that, “all of the low hanging fruit of restoration is gone.  There is no urban development in Siskiyou County.  Agricultural business is hanging in the balance, we have double digit unemployment,  in fact 63% of the land mass in Siskiyou County has little to no activity at all.  Timber is gone, mining is gone.”  “ We are not growing, You, (U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service), are simply adding another layer to our problems.

Supervisor Cook found ironic humor in the Fish and Wildlife’s concern over sedimentation in the estuary when they propose to allow 20 million plus cubic yards of sediment flow down the river if Klamath dams are removed.  Cook was particularly frustrated that tribal take is never factored into the calculations. “ Your Intrinsic Potential, (describing Coho Habitat potential), looks like we live in a rain forest and not high desert.  The only conclusion I can come to is a hidden agenda.  Why should we, (the county), trust your judgment in this or any other matter.

We make hundreds of comments and none of them are addressed”.  “Your staff makes weird and derogatory remarks about local citizens, it is very hard not to think there is a hidden agenda”.


Mark Baird Reporting for KSYC News, 103.9 FM radio in Yreka, CA.

Week of March 19-24, 2012

Siskiyou Under Siege – Part 2

Black Bear Commune

Erica Terrance of the Klamath River Keepers, has notified the Montague Irrigation District of its intent to sue over alleged take of Coho Salmon at Dwinell Dam.  KSYC Siskiyou Country Radio is beginning an ongoing series on the Klamath River Keepers as well as other groups which have roots in the Black Bear Commune.  The Black Bear Commune was born in 1968 with a group of people from the Haight Asbury movement of the sixties.

The Commune’s motto was “free land for free people”.

Drug use was rampant, and until venereal disease became epidemic, monogamy was forbidden. Commune members learned hygiene from an outbreak of Hepatitis.  The commune was purchased from the original owner with what one resident called extortion money.  Cult members went to Hollywood and berated music stars and actors by accusing them of making money off of the Hippie lifestyle and to quote “ isn’t it time you gave some of that money back to us.”

The Black Bear Commune evolved, and many children were born on the Black Bear.  Erica Terrance is a child of the Black Bear Commune as her father Malcolm Terrance was a resident.  Miss Terrance is not a scientist but has a degree in environmental journalism.

KSYC is going to show that the cross memberships` of many of these small groups of Eco-terrorists are placing our county under siege.    What we will broadcast in this series may be distasteful to some, but it is the truth. Taxpayers and citizens of Siskiyou County need to know who these people are and what they want.

We will expose the agenda of these groups and their affiliates.  Please tune in to this new series.  Siskiyou County Under Siege.


Mark Baird Reporting for KSYC 103.9 FM radio in Yreka, CA.

Week of March 19-24, 2012

Siskiyou Under Siege – Part 3

 “The Cast of Characters”

In Part One of the series, Siskiyou County under siege we have discovered the Black Bear Commune is the starting place for a great many of the People who now wish to destroy rural Siskiyou County. Many of these people either have criminal backgrounds or have ties to criminals. Many have ties or involvement with radical environmental terrorist groups.

Leaf Hillman of the Karuk Tribe’s Department of Natural Resources, is the President of the Klamath River keepers Leaf has a violent criminal history as well as drug arrests. The Klamath River Keepers is a sub group of the Water Keepers Alliance. The Water keepers Alliance states in its bylaws that all subgroups must have the highest Moral Character and transparent operations.

KSYC news has made repeated calls to the Water Keepers Alliance in New York to investigate misdeeds by the River Keepers. So far none of our phone calls have been returned.

S Craig Tucker, is the secretary of the Klamath River keepers, S Craig Tucker is a Green Corp trained community activist. Tucker calls himself the Klamath River Campaign Coordinator for the Karuk Tribe.

Tucker works for Hillman in the Karuk Department of Natural Resources. Tucker however, based upon the publicity speaks for and sets the environmental agenda for the tribe. It would appear that the Klamath River keepers is a front for the Karuk Tribe.

Treasurer of the River keepers Peter Brucker, is an original resident of the Black Bear Commune. Brucker is also President of the Salmon River Restoration Council, commonly known to local residents as the Salmon River Marijuana Growers Association.

Brucker’s daughter Allegra was born on the Black Bear and has had convictions for Drug Dealing and weapons. Allegra Terrance is a friend and associate of Siskiyou Daily News Reporter, John Bowman.

Toz Soto, Vice President of the Council is a fish biologist for the Karuk Tribe. Mr. Soto was born on the Black Bear Commune. Several other Members of the Board of the Salmon River Restoration Council are also former residents of the Black Bear Commune.

Diana Rose Colgrove Board member of the River keepers also represents a group called the Klamath Justice Coalition. This is also a front for the Karuk Tribe. According to a 2008 article, the Klamath Justice Coalition stopped some logging in the Klamath National forest. At the bottom of the article were contacts for people who wanted more information regarding the Klamath Justice Coalition.

The names were Leaf Hillman and S Craig Tucker.

The Klamath Justice Coalition has links to a radical environmental organization in Oakland California called the Ruckus Society. The Ruckus society trains environmental activists in what they call “direct action tactics”. The Klamath River keepers has links to other Environmental Terrorists groups.

We will continue to attempt to unravel the River keepers, the umbrella organizations like the Water Keepers Alliance, The Karuk Tribe’s connections to criminal organizations and radical environmental terrorist organizations.

KSYC news will also attempt to determine why the United States Government and the State of California panders to these criminals with an endless supply of grant money, and favored status at the “stakeholder” table whenever your property rights are in danger.

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