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letter to editor by Bob Lopes, Medford, Oregon, for Siskiyou Daily News June 20, 2011

1. What an arrogant individual Mr. Tucker must be; what a rude letter he wrote.

2. In the case of tearing down the dams, he is all for private property rights. The rest of the time, I get the impression that he and those that want to take down our clean energy-producing dams donít care about private property or what happens to it or the owners as long as the dams come down.

3. He is a true professional; he does provide good service to those that pay him. I hope that all fair-minded citizens of Siskiyou County see that he never addresses the damage done to king and coho salmon by the indiscriminate take of thousands and thousands of fish by the gill nets that are strung across the river by the commercial fishing operation. The elimination of this practice alone would greatly increase the fish in the upper river sections.

He canít address that though; he gets paid by those that profit from this commercial operation.

Good people of Siskiyou County, itís not about saving the salmon. Itís about money, profit and additional control over more land. This is wrong and un-American.


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