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Our Klamath Basin Water Crisis
Upholding rural Americans' rights to grow food,
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Download the Draft EIS/EIR Draft Klamath Dam Removal Studies

Press Release ~ Sept. 21, 2011

Summary of Key Conclusions - Sept. 21, 2011

Klamath Regional Economics Fact Sheet

Scientific studies and technical reports

Klamath Facilities Removal Draft EIS/EIR 

Complete Draft EIS/EIR (PDF, 50 MB) 

Complete Appendices of the Draft EIS/EIR (PDF, 42 MB)

For faster download and viewing, please select each component of the Draft EIS/EIR individually:

01 Abstract 
02 Executive Summary 
03 Table of Contents

04 List of Abbreviations

1 Introduction 
2 Proposed Action and Description of Alternatives

EIS/EIR Section 3

3.1 Introduction 
3.2 Water Quality
3.3 Aquatic Resources 
3.4 Algae
3 5 Terrestrial Resources
3.6 Flood Hydrology
3.7 Groundwater
3.8 Water Supply_Water Rights
3.9 Air Quality 
3.10 Greenhouse Gases_Global Climate Change 
3.11 Geology Soils and Geologic Hazards
3.12 Tribal Trust
3.13 Cultural and Historic Resources
3.14 Land Use_ Agricultural_and_Forest_Resources 
3.15 Socioeconomics
3.16 Environmental Justice
3.17 Population and Housing
3.18 Public Health and Safety
3.19 Scenic_Quality
3.20 Recreation
3.21 Toxic_Haz_Materials
3.22 Traffic_and_Transportation 
3.23 Noise_and_Vibration 

4 Cumulative Effects 

5 Other Required Disclosures 

6 Compliance with Applicable Land 

7 Consultation and Coordination 

8 List of Preparers and Contributors 

9 Glossary

Appendix A Final_Alternatives_Report
Appendix B SOPs and BMPs Common to Action Alternatives
Appendix C WQ Supporting Technical Information
Appendix D EnviroEffDet_MethSupInfo
Appendix E Fisheries SSC
Appendix F Bedload Sediment
Appendix G Vegetation Communities and Habitat Types Mapped by PacifiCorp
Appendix H Special-Status Species Surveys Conducted by PacifiCorp
Appendix I Special-Status Species Table
Appendix J Modeled Changes to the 100 year Floodplain
Appendix K Groundwater
Appendix L Water Rights
Appendix M Air Quality Impacts
Appendix N GHG Final Spreadsheets
Appendix O County Economic Descriptions
Appendix P KBRA IMPLAN Analysis
Appendix Q Aesthetics_Visual Resources Technical Report
Appendix R Recreation Data Input
Appendix S Transp and Circ Analysis Data
Appendix T 2020 Traffic Volume Projections 
Appendix U Noise and Vibration Impact Analysis 

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