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Support those who oppose dam removal


by Troy Lukens, Bonanza, letter to the editor of Herald and News 10/26/16



Support those who oppose dam removal

Al Switzer is backed by pro-KBRA supporters. In other words, Switzerís campaign is being funded by people who want the Klamath river dams destroyed.

Do not trust what this politician says, but believe only his actions. When commissioner, he signed the KBRA, even though it was clear that an implemented KBRA would lead to dam removal. This was against what the people of Klamath County wanted and against the advice of Klamath Countyís own legal counsel.

Look and see for yourself. Those who are putting money into Switzerís campaign are most, if not almost all, are pushing for dam removal on the Klamath river.

Fortunately we have a choice, a great choice, in this election for state representative with Werner Reschke. Werner has said from day one he is against dam removal. He has held this view long before he decided to run for office.

I have known Werner for many years and can tell you he is a man of honor a! nd integrity. He is trustworthy. Furthermore, his money does not comes from those supporting dam removal.

Werner believes in the Constitution and limited government. These arenít things he just says, he really believes our lives will be better with less government interference than with more of it.

If you want a representative in Salem who you know will not have a conflict of interest in standing firm against dam removal on the Klamath River, then the choice is obvious. If you want a man of integrity that will represent what is best for all the people in Klamath, the choice is obvious. If you want someone who is unafraid of the political establishment, the choice is obvious. Vote Werner Reschke for state representative.

Troy Lukens






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