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Rex Cozzalio, Klamath River flows update 10/3/21

"The water has been running between 960 to 1070 cfs on a daily fluctuation at Iron Gate (top graph).  Keno has been recently running around 460 cfs.  The shortfall difference is being used for the Wildlife Refuge and is 'borrowing' from the storage in Copco and Iron Gate that reservoir destruction proponents say does not exist.  My 'observations' so far may appear confusing.  Up to September the flow from Iron Gate has been 'unnaturally' kept close to the 60 year average by confiscating equally 'unnaturally' stored water from the irrigators, though WITHOUT the artificial 'flushes' also using confiscated water mandated over the past recent years in failed attempts to try and reduce polychaete densities.  Having been proven wrong on their original theory to 'flush' polychaete (the polychaete simply move to the 'other side of the rocks' until the 'flush' is through), the 'adaptively managed' NEW 'justification' for continued confiscation is to accomplish ceratomyxa shasta 'spore density dilution flows'.  The irony is that while the flushes may reduce spore per liter densities during the flush (why not turn the Columbia River down the Klamath?), there are frequent inconsistencies between 'flushes' and INCREASED sentinel exposed fish study infections, indicating alternate factors affecting infections besides those currently 'attributed' by destruction advocates, and after EVERY 'dilution' they have seen an IMMEDIATE massive 'rebound effect' of spore counts upon cessation, often triggering a second 'dilution' wasting to the ocean.  Despite one of the heaviest droughts this year and even though they were physically unable to even do 'dilutions' this year,  the spore counts during the period when that flush would have occurred was virtually IDENTICAL with the counts at the same time last year WITH the 'flushes', as well as the similar sentinel fish study mortality at 21 days holding.   
While the Tribes 160+ miles downstream are claiming observed 'massive juvenile die offs' earlier this spring (not upstream) in major press releases conveniently advancing their agenda, it again seems oddly inconsistent when the flows at Iron Gate the entire summer up to September have been consistently held near the 60 year average for 'normal' years, which 'unnatural' water wasting during a major drought year many familiar with the river BEFORE and after the dams at the 'focal point' of 'impacts' find environmentally and 'sustainably' irresponsible.  In any case, we will not actually know the 'truth' for 3 years until the salmon return AFTER proponents' intended execution of regional destruction, though I have personally seen flows here at Iron Gate below 450cfs during previous droughts that showed NO impact on the subsequent 3rd year salmon cohort returning to the area, indicating yet ANOTHER direct disconnect between the PROVEN failed 'Hardy' flows and salmon infection/survival rates. I CAN say that DUE to the deep water lakes and the new Iron Gate 'curtain wall', the immediate downstream water quality and conditions this year (apart from inconsistent 'spore counts' lacking 'connecting' and historical 'pre-Project' comparison data) are some of the best I have seen in years, and FAR BETTER than ANY 'natural' conditions we witnessed at our location for the time of year PRIOR to the construction and profound Klamath environmental and regional benefits realized from Iron Gate.
Hopefully, given the time to review additional  'uncorrelated' data, we can provide you more information."
All the Best,
Rex Cozzalio, Hornbrook, CA



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