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Councilman Adams details his conservative bent

by William E Adams, City Councilman Ward 10/12/18, Herald and News letter to the editor

Since there has been a shortage of candidate forums this year I would like to give a little information about the City Council race for Ward 5.

I am the council member who has expressed opposition to the new bike lane and I also vote no sometimes when everyone else votes yes. Why? Because I am conservative and don't believe we need to do everything staff puts before us.

I canít say anything bad about my opponent Todd Andres but I do have a problem with his employer, Pacific Power.

Why is Todd back in our community and now working for Pacific Power? I would guess that it is because the city tried to put a Municipal Utility District into place and they don't want anyone else thinking they can get away with lowering power rates for consumers, with cheaper public power. After the city dropped its plan for the MUD they sued the city and continue to take millions out of this community every year.

Pacific Power is responsible for the four dams being taken out on the Klamath River. It seems like when we had the advisory vote a few years ago that about 3/4ths of the voters were opposed to dam removal. Has that opposition changed?

Look at your power bill and see who is paying for that dam removal. What about the loss of tax revenue, recreation, and property values?

Every one of us, with few exceptions sends a check to Pacific Power each month and part of that pays his salary. Do you believe that the $100 a month that city council members receive will buy his loyalty to the voters? Will his employment influence his decisions if he is elected? Does Todd have a conflict of interest?

William E Adams

City Councilman Ward 5



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