Klamath Experiment Station Annual Field Day Planned for Thursday, August 5, 2004

The Klamath Experiment Station Field Day will be held at 6941 Washburn Way in Klamath Falls on August 5. Registration will begin and refreshments will be served starting at 8:30 a.m. A field tour will begin at 9:15 a.m. and will include discussions of forage research projects, including orchard grass varieties, grassy-alfalfa variety combinations, alfalfa varieties for irrigated and dryland production, and a new-to-the-area warm season grass species for unique field situations and markets. Potato research project discussions will include nematode control with Vydate, skin color enhancement for red-skinned varieties, and variety development programs. A hosted luncheon will be followed by brief presentations. During the remainder of the afternoon, additional tours and discussions will be available for interested parties.


Klamath Experiment Station

Field Day Agenda - August 5, 2005

8:30 am  Registration and refreshments  (compliments of Farm Credit Services)
9:15 Tour forage trials on orchardgrass,  grassy-alfalfa, and alfalfa varieties (Rich Rosenberg and Jim Smith)
9:50  Potato varietyh development and related studies (Ken Rykbost)
10:10   Nematode control with Vydate C-LV (Russ Ingham)
10:30 Monitoring soil degree days for scheduling nematode control treatments (Brian Charlton)
10:40 Potato skin color enhancement  (Brian Charlton)
11:00 Dryland forage trials (Rich Roseberg and Jim Smith)
11:20 New crops projects (Brian Charlton, Rich Roseberg, and Jim Smith)
12:00 noon Lunch (hosted by Klamath Hay Growers Association)
12:45 OSU College of Agriculture Update (Charles Boyer)
Crop and Soil Science Department Update (Russ Karow)
1:00 pm Klamath Reclamation Project: Storage Augmentation Options,
Undepleted Natural Flow Study, 2004 Operations outlook (Dave Sabo)
1:30 Oregon Water Resources Department: Status of the Klamath Adjudication,
Chiloquin Dam study and issues, Klamath Basin Groundwater study and issues (Reed Marbut)
2:00 Adjourn– informal tours / discussion