To our elected Senators and elected Representatives in Congress:


            WHEREAS, Federal taxes of all United States citizens are used to subsidize the government and departments of the Klamath Indian Tribe.

WHEREAS, Federal tax money would be used by the Klamath Tribe to operate and maintain the forest and water on the former Reservation land.

WHEREAS, The Klamath Tribe is a Sovereign Nation with its own laws and constitution.

WHEREAS, the constitution of the Klamath Tribe gives Sovereign Powers, authority and jurisdiction of its government over all persons and activities within the former Reservation land.

WHEREAS, the Klamath Tribe will have civil authority presided by Tribal Judges and Tribal Lawyers in a Tribal Court.

WHEREAS, grazing rights and permits will be controlled by Tribal management.

WHEREAS, all hunting, fishing, recreational activities and woodcutting will be controlled by the Klamath Tribe.

WHEREAS, in 1956 Public Law 587 provided for termination of the Reservation and the Klamath Tribe agreed to sell their ownership of land and forest for $243 Million.

WHEREAS, the former Reservation land and forest is now worth $1 Billion.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that absolutely no part of the former Reservation land will ever be given to the Sovereign Klamath Tribes.


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            Please return this petition to “LIBERTY ALLIANCE,” Lockbox No. A,       

Klamath Falls Post Office, 7th Street, Klamath Falls, OR 97601. Secretary Calvin L. Hunt, M.D.

            Your Congressmen will be sent a letter and a copy of this petition giving the total number of petitions signed. These petitions will be hand delivered in Washington D.C. in February 2004.