PETITION #2 regarding KBRT
(Klamath Basin Rangeland Trust)


Request to Elected and Agency Officials, to Provide Equal Access

To Negotiations in the Klamath Basin


Whereas:  The Klamath Basin Rangeland Trust has set up closed door negotiations, purportedly with the support of high levels of government, to obtain a comprehensive settlement of Klamath Basin Issues.


Whereas:  The above negotiations appear to be attempting to develop agreements to give away hundreds of thousands of acres of our public land and set forth water management decisions which will have a vast effect on the whole community.


Whereas:  I do not believe Klamath Basin Rangeland Trustís objectives represent the goals of the community, or the best interests of the Klamath Basin.


Whereas:  The Klamath Basin Rangeland Trust has hired Dr. Jake Kann, a Tribal scientist whoís work was used in the 2001 biological opinion that shut down the Klamath Project.


Whereas:  The Klamath Basin Rangeland Trust has been the benefactor of exclusive contracts to market water.


Whereas:  According to their white paper, the Klamath Basin Rangeland Trust seeks to purchase the water rights off of 48 square miles of agricultural land, threatening tens of thousands of acres of irrigated agriculture.


Whereas:  The Klamath Basin Rangeland Trust appears to have a significant conflict of interest, in the both the president and secretary personally profit from water marketing contracts.  Additionally the presidentís daughter is a scientist involved in determining the amount of water gained.


Therefore:  I request that the government halt all support of the Klamath Basin Rangeland Trust particularly support for closed door negotiations to give away our National Forest lands to the Klamath Tribe.  I also request that there be no more special deals provided by the Government to the Klamath Basin Rangeland Trust.



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