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Medicine Lake Traditional Spiritual Gathering

Hosted by the Ajumawi, Atwamsini and Itsatewi Bands of the PIT RIVER TRIBE


Thursday July 16TH Through Monday July 20 2009

Every year, the Ahjumawi, Atwamsini and Itsatawi Bands of the Pit River Tribe hold a Spiritual and Cultural Gathering at Medicine Lake in the Modoc National Forest. This Gathering is important in maintaining and restoring the traditional ways of the Pit River people.

The Tribe requested the use of Medicine Campground through a permit and the use is authorized under the American Indian Religious Freedom Act and the Presidental Executive Order on Sacred Sites 13007. Federal Indian Policy and Trust Responsibility “provide for the protection and enhancement of Tribal resources and traditional freedoms.”

Under this guidance, the Forest Service is cooperating with the Tribe by closing Medicine Lake Campground for this event to respect the Tribe’s need for an undisturbed Gathering from Thursday July 19th through Sunday July 22th. Hogue, Hemlock and Headquarters Campgrounds will remain open to the public.

The Medicine Lake Caldera is a designated Traditional Cultural District recognized by the National Register of Historic Places for its spiritual and cultural significance to the Pit River and Modoc Tribes. The National Register determination acknowledges that the Medicine Lake area is of ongoing importance to the living culture of the Tribes.

For thousands of years, the Lake Highlands have been respected as a sanctuary where Tribes put differences aside and share in the calming cleansing sanctity of the land.

We appreciate your cooperation and support to assure that this Gathering will be peaceful and healing for all.

Under Special Use Permit DOU0073

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