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February, 16, 2019,
Senator Dennis Linthicum February Newsletter

Can deeper understanding emerge from unwarranted accusations, or name-calling? Is respect promoted, or diminished, by misleading headlines, harangues on Facebook or other social-media banter?

Respect and understanding can only flourish amongst those willing to have open, honest and sincere policy discussions.

Two weeks ago, I was lambasted for using an illustration about a black man, Eric Garner, who lost his life, in 2014, during a needless and tragic altercation in Staten Island, NY.

After I encountered countless politically motivated attacks, the Oregon Republican Party decided to consider the ideological ramifications facing all Oregonians if free-speech were to be so soundly denied.

Last Saturday, the elected delegates to the convention unanimously passed a resolution supporting my efforts to highlight the interrelated cause and effect web of policies concerning taxes, poverty, racism, limited employment opportunities, poor education delivery models, and criminal activity. All of which, together, or separately, can result in broken homes, families and lives.

My newsletters and press releases will continue to have a very consistent theme – One promoting individual liberty and freedom, where people carry personal responsibility, and operate in a sphere of limited government. My constant prayer is that this goal always stays within reach.


Dennis B. Linthicum, Senate District #28





WHEREAS members of the Republican Party are involved in an ideological battle against forces which, contrary to truth, ascribe racist motives where none may reasonably be inferred in order to divide the American people and acquire power; and

WHEREAS a Democrat supermajority of the Legislature in Salem threatens the future of Oregon through accelerating taxes and regulation; and

WHEREAS the Republican Party aims to be a party upholding truth and the rule of law; and

WHEREAS Oregon Senator Dennis Linthicum recently observed that but for high cigarette taxes in New York State, Eric Garner would not have died while being arrested for selling cigarettes in evasion of New York taxes; and

WHEREAS Democrat Members of the Oregon Legislature falsely attacked Senator  Linthicum’s comments as unsavory, insensitive and racist;

WHEREAS certain Republican Members of the Oregon Legislature then attacked Senator Linthicum and apologized for his statement;



1.   The Oregon Republican Party supports Senator Linthicum in his efforts to fight higher taxes in Oregon, and finds it well within the bounds of acceptable political discourse to identify Mr. Garner’s death as the product of excessive taxes and regulation, because but for those taxes and regulation, Mr. Garner would probably be alive today; and

2.   The Oregon Republican Party reminds its elected leaders that we cannot win the vital ideological struggle against those dividing America with constant concessions to the fake moral preening of our opponents; and

3.   The Oregon Republican Party reminds its elected leaders that episodes such as their unwarranted attack on Senator Linthicum discourage grassroots Republicans and needlessly threaten the unity of the Party.

4.   The Oregon Republican Party urges its leaders to tell the truth that excessive government on all levels, ranging from barriers to entry for minority business to a lack of school choice forcing minorities into poor quality public schools, are far more important barriers to minority achievement than lingering racism in America.



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