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Comments are due Feb 28, 2017 for development of the WWII Japanese relocation camp near Tulelake, the NPS / National Park Service’s  GMP / General Management Plan.

A second meeting January 18 was moved from Tulelake City Hall to the Honker Community Center because of the large turnout; approximately 67 concerned citizens and government employees attended. LB superintendent Larry Whalon said this was by far the largest turnout of all the recent meetings he has held from Washington to LA. This plan will affect every person and business in the Tulelake basin.

Most all those who spoke opposed expansion of the already-acquired 1300 acres of land to tell the story of those in the TuleLake internment camp, opposed the Japanese TuleLake Committee lawsuit against the airport, opposed such a huge acquisition of land already acquired compared to the size of Pearl Harbor monument, opposed the closure of the previously public Peninsula which is closed for only the Japanese TuleLake Unit, opposed the site telling only the story of the Japanese and not the Tulelake WWII veterans who survived WWII and Japanese prison camps; they wanted the entire story told and not simply one part of the story.

Several brought up how hundreds of thousands of acres, most of the Tulelake area, are already owned by National Park Service, Fish and Wildlife Service, Forest Service, and Bureau of Land Management. They opposed what was told by Mr Whalon to San Jose meeting encouraging partnering with Tulelake locals to gain willing sellers, easements, and access to the Tulelake Airport for many daily tours which was not discussed with the Tulelake residents or private airport. They also opposed the concept of shutting down the airport in the winter and summer afternoons as Whalon suggested in San Jose at a GMP meeting, or using helicopters to spray our fields rather than airplanes. Tulelake community was not comfortable that Whalon expressed in San Jose how the fence was awful and no one wanted the fence in the Udall facilitated meetings, which was not true; the majority of people in the Udall meetings felt airport security was #1 priority and we needed a fence to prevent fatal collisions on the runway.

Also of concern is that the TuleLake Committee has substantial ties with terrorist group CAIR / Council on American-Islamic Relations (see attachment), and the GMP promotes education of the Islam story, a goal of CAIR.

The full GMP/EA document is available at https://parkplanning.nps.gov/document.cfm?documentID=75566  or by request

NPS GMP summary: file:///C:/Users/krizo/Downloads/TuleGMP%20Newsletter3.pdf

*  UTube link to Whalon's meeting in San Jose, which was contrary to the description Larry Whalon gave the Tulelake local citizens of the GMP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fE0K9IbJdAg&feature=youtu.be

Nick Macy, owner of Macy’s Flying Service, operates the airport. Macy, city of Tulelake which owns the airport, and Modoc County which manages the airport, are being sued by the Tule Lake Committee to prevent a necessary security fence from being erected around the airport to prevent aircraft accidents with deer, people, and livestock. The Japanese Committee stated desire is to shut down our airport so they can have it to add to their park.
Macy's Flying Service requests people write comments on the GMP, explaining that the Tulelake community supports Plan A.  Includes where to send comments.

* Links to articles and documents with Tule Lake Committee board of director members and their affiliations, namely the partnerships with CAIR / Council on American-Islamic Relations
A few of the articles include:
Muslims and Japanese Americans Take 11th Annual Pilgrimage to Manzanar WWII Detention Camp
Larry Whalon, superintendent of Lava Beds National Monument, Tulelake, asks Manzanar committee (CAIR partner) for comments on Tule Lake Management Plan
John Kerry tried to remove CAIR from terror list
The importance of a multifaith movement for Japanese Americans and Muslim Americans today.

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