Tule Lake land grab needs to end

Letter to the editor by David Porter Misso, Tulelake, for the Herald and News 6/30/16

The unconstitutional imprisonment of over 18,000 Japanese-Americans mostly Untied States Citizens at the Tule Lake Segregation Center was a terrible injustice and a dark spot on our country’s history. I believe most would agree with that.

The National Park Service wants to add Tule Lake Segregation Center to the list of other National Historic Sites and I believe most agree with that. It is important to remember the good and bad done under the control of the federal government.
The lawsuit filed by groups that live hundreds of miles from the former prison to close the Tulelake Airport and take over that land is NOT supported by those of us that live near or in some cases inside the former boundaries of the center.
Rural America is under constant attack from big city folk that want to control our way of life, control the lands we live and work on, to close local businesses. We all know what a good job they have done with their dirty, crime infested cities.
When the Tule Lake Pilgrimage happens over the Fourth of July weekend a large group of attendees will hike to the cross on the Peninsula something we locals once were allowed to do. It’s been many years since the Peninsula/ Castle Rock was closed by people that don’t live anywhere near us felt the need to flex their powerful “we are here to help you” muscles.

The lawsuit to increase the size of the current National Monument land is nothing sort of another federal land grab. Since the President Bush No. 43 made the site part of the World War II Valor in the Pacific Monument little if anything was done with or to the land that is already owned by the Park Service.
The Tule Lake Committee needs to end the lawsuit and stop their land grabbing plan and focus on building a world class visitor center and museum so that the locals can and will donate items that were once part of the Center.
David Porter Misso
Tule Lake