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Herald & News Forum comment  1/24/14

$3.5 million to hunt the barred owl that killed the spotted owl

So a trained biologist, Lowell Diller, is being paid to go way out in the woods to hunt the barred owl to protect the spotted owl that has been trying to go extinct for years. The Feds destroyed our timber industry trying to save the spotted owl only to find out now the barred owl is a problem, too. Where will this foolish waste of money end? Species go extinct on the face of this planet every day.

In this same paper, we read that we need an additional $5 million to keep our jail open. How about using this

$3.5 million going to hunt the barred owl for the jail instead? Nature is going to win this battle no matter how much man tries to change the outcome. Well at least Mr. Diller is being honest when he is quoted at the end of the article that “despite hunting all his life, he found it difficult, emotionally and ethically, to shoot the barred owl.” It truly is a waste of taxpayer money and this man’s time to try to alter the natural path that nature has chosen.

— Mslisaj01



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