Our Klamath Basin Water Crisis
Fighting for Our Right to Irrigate Our Farms and Caretake Our Natural Resources

               Archive 10       May,  2002

Group of Project landowners raises issues with water user association,
 Ryan Harper, H&N, 6/21/02. Story here.

Commentary on Wendall Wood's piece, H&N, 7/01/02. Commentary.

His Comments Don't Add Up. Letter to Ed, H&N. See.

Mike Connelly June Commentary, H&N, June 26,02. Here.

Klamath Basin Irrigators Blackmailed?? Extortion?? See story

Burned Out, by Diane Alden, 06/24/02.  Mentions KB. Here

Feds send more water downstream, N&N, 6/20/02. Story.

Farming will remain on the refuges. H&N, 6/18/02. Story.

BOR Seeks to buy 3000 acres, by Ryan Harper, H&N. Story.

Irrigators Told to Pump Wells or Possibly Run Out of Water
KBC News Team, June 17, 2002. See story.

KWUA Newsletter for June 14

Water for Farmers and Fish, by Gary Lake, Karuk Tribal Councilman.
Important:  Several weeks ago there was a piece in the LA Times blaming
 farming for some stranded fish near the Klamath river. This article gives the
 rest of the story. I bet we don't see this in the Times. Thanks, Gary, for your
 honesty and support.
See article

State Commission Rejects Petition to Halt Klamath Water Permitting, 06/10/02. Link

         See Letter from KWUA to Oregon Water Resources on Petition here

Suckers - Truly in Peril?, James Buchal, H&N, June 9,02. Story here

Wildlife, Fish Agencies Still Seem Wedded to Same Old Assumptions, editorial, Herald & News, 06/04/02 Story here

Reclamation Trashes Fish Opinions, by Ryan Harper, Herald and News, 6/04/02  See story

Petition to delist LR Sucker & Shortnose Sucker denied,   see decision

Klamath lawsuit all washed up, Meanwhile, salmon stranded in puddles
San Francisco Chronicle, 5/6  story link   

Court rejects lawsuit to help salmon, By Karen Gaudette, AP    story link 

Klamath Farmers Applaud Ruling, Environment: Citing lack of evidence that higher river flows would help salmon, a judge refuses bid for temporary order sought by activist
By Deborah Schoch, LA Times, 5/4    story link   ( better job than her first one, below ) 

Fishermen lose out; federal judge orders Klamath River water to farmers
By Karen Gaudette,  AP, Oregonian, 5/3   story link  

Press Release from PCFFA after Armstrong decision  5/3 
Then read this:
High hopes that good salmon season will attract visitors
by John Driscoll, Eureka Times-Standard, 4/17  story link 

Farmers blamed for fish deaths in 'misleading' L.A. Times story
by John Diehm Siskiyou Daily News Staff Writer    see story   Important Story

No TRO, Judge Sandra Armstrong has denied 
environmental plaintiffs' request,   more details   5/3

Stranded fish story poses a big puzzle, By Ryan Harper H&N, 5/2 story link

A Race to Save Baby Salmon in Klamath  [ is this a "Spin Headline" or What? ]
Survival: Biologists rescue hundreds of fish stranded by low water levels as river's flow is channeled to farm fields.  By Deborah Schoch, LA Times, 5/2    story link 

U.S. Opposes Suit to Channel Water to Salmon
Justice Department files court papers backing Klamath River Basin farmers, who fear losing their supply to the fish.   By Deborah Schoch, LA Times,     story link 

Basin water called a priority for the Bush administration 
By Ryan Harper, H&N, 5/1,  story link 

Birds will be everywhere at Tule Lake festival, see story  from Mt. Shasta News


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