Our Klamath Basin Water Crisis
Fighting for Our Right to Irrigate Our Farms and Caretake Our Natural Resources

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Gentleman from Washington State writes his Senators, have you? see letter

Pre-Concert Benefit Reception, Saturday in Portland, 
With Sara Evans, at the Rose Garden, before Reba McEntire/ Martina McBride/ Sarah Evans "Girls Night Out" Concert .... 
see details 

Klamath Basin and the ESA, letter to Wendell and the ONRC, (Thanks)

Klamath Falls Underscores ESA Repeal, Commentary by William Jud

This land is your land or is it my land? for July 11th
MSNBC Well done and fair story on our plight, with slide show, 

Felice Pace is at it again... see http://www.tidepool.org/voices/pace.cfm 7/6/01
Then go to the feedback page... and do something ..   recent follow up .. see letters from our supporters .. thank you Tidepool 

Today in SF Chronicle: AP July 7th  (story link) 
Both sides desperate for Klamath River irrigation water in environmental battle

Today in the Sierra Times: ( link ) 
Klamath Falls: Where Civil Rights Meets Water Rights, by J.J. Johnson
Klamath: Not Guilty on all Counts,  by Nancy Johnson

Attorney calls for local civil disobedience, (about James Buchal's meeting in Klamath Falls) Herald and News , by Kehn Gibson 7/6   see story

THE GREAT AMERICAN LAND GRAB, Range magazine ... See Story  ( link) 

New York Times ... July 6th .. see story ( link )

SF Chronicle July 6th story link    Also see:  AP changes headline  

Feds consider calling in marshals in water fight,   SF Chronicle, AP July 5th

Rally Opens the Headgates,  about 250 - 300 people gathered at the headgates in the heat of the day and opened the headgates ... July 4th Water  It is turned off .. 4 hours later 

Independence Day Issue: A Blow for Liberty at the Klamath Project,  
 News from the Front #52:  James Buchal (link) 

PLF Files First God Squad Petition to Feds Seeking Aid For Klamath Basin  see press release

klamath falls basin farmers< Protesting farmers used their bare hands to open the headgates on a Klamath Lake canal in Klamath Falls, OR Klamath Basin Farmers Take Water Issue into Their Own Hands, 7/1/01. More than 240,000 acres of ranches and farms normally rely on water from a federal irrigation project in southern Oregon's Klamath Basin. But this year, faced with drought and concerns for endangered fish, the government cut the flow to the irrigation canals by about 90 percent. (KBC NOTE: Zeke Grader of PCFFA/Pacific Coast Federation of Fisherman, sued to shut down Klamath Project irrigation in 2001 and wanted to arrest farmers and ranchers. PCFFA sued to...)

Agreement Finalized For Klamath Drought Aid,  
Bill Appropriates $20 Million   
WASHINGTON D.C., 5:38 p.m. PDT June 28, 2001    See Story

Oregon Senate Approves $2.3 Million in Aid for the Klamath Basin
See Newsletter  from Senator Steve Harper, District 30 .. June 27

PLF Formally Calls on Feds, California and Oregon Governors To Aid Klamath Farmers by Convening the "GOD SQUAD"  see Press Release

Felice Pace says: "Let's Get Real in the Klamath River Basin" see his letter
Read it well then read the full report from OSU below, could Pace be mistaken?

Oregon State University, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics
May 22, 2001  Read the direct rebuttal to Pace and the The full report 

Mistakes Were Made ..Testimony of David Vogel ( Fisheries Scientist ) at the hearing,  very good reading, with charts.

Drilling is finished on the first well, waiting to be tested  See well two and three
Photos and Story by Gail Ottoman 
See  California Department of Water Resources, drought page with map of well sites

Farmers Get Ally in Fight for Water, Senator Gordon Smith
Los Angeles Times July 12th, by Eric Bailey  story link

Cheney sympathizes with Klamath Basin farmers
SF Chronicle, July 2nd

Seattle Times, July 1st ...... See Story ( link ) 

See Story Links: Sierra Times  

See all the Hearing Testimony ... Link  congressional hearing in Klamath Falls 

An Endangered Act: Sacrifices to a Green Agenda
New York Times - 6/24/01 By Douglas Jehl, staff writer

Who will protect farmers.. from the environmentalists? Baxter Black 6/23

Fishermen Call for Congressional Hearing on Klamath Water See Story

D.C. to Klamath Farmers: Drop Dead, James Buchal,  ( link)   
This article comments on the testimony, and the New York Times article

Video Tapes of Saturday's Congressional Hearing at the Klamath Co. Fairgrounds may be ordered from the Klamath County Commissioners' Office for $10 each: 305 Main St. 2nd Floor, 541-883-5100, 800-377-6091. 

Okanogan County to sue NMFS over water!! 
by: Peggy Steward  June 20, 2001   Capital Press
More on this story from "The Olympian"  June 20


Klamath Falls: Eco-Terrorism at Its Worst       Part 1 of 3
Congressional Hearing Report by J.J. Johnson 6/19/01  Sierra Times 

Senator Robert C. Byrd (D-WV), the chairman of the Appropriations Committee,
who just ripped the $20 million in aid earmarked for the Klamath Basin
out of the emergency farm aid legislation needs to hear how you feel about his action!  See Contact Information for Byrd

We are saddened to learn that Klamath Falls has no newspaper ( or at least one that we will acknowledge, until they get a real ag reporter,  that can report the news accurately, not from the viewpoint of the pro eco-activists

THIS IS THE BASIS FOR ACTION!  The Washington Times 
Sat Jun 23 08:42:00 2001 EDITORIAL  Nobles and Knaves


My Take on Klamath Falls....And Boston Harbor!  Darrel Mulloy June 20  ( link) 

Cries of Save the Suckerfish Rile Farmers' Allies, New York Times, June 20 

New Safety Signs, 
Should be made and put up, suggests Norm, see more

Interior official questions decision on Klamath water   see story
A top Interior Department official Thursday questioned the science behind a decision not to deliver federal water to farmers in the drought-stricken Klamath basin this summer.

Read this Press Release From our friends at ONRC  6/15 - Thanks again Wendell and Regna

Glimmer of Hope for Endangered Farmers and Their Communities
Pat Taylor, CNSNews.com, June 18, 2001

Read Sierra Time's J.J. Johnson's article on the hearing   6/17 See Article
Thank you Mr. Johnson for all your efforts on the part of the farmers, 

Club Sierra: Sacramento Bee's Tom Knudson,  "time to read it again" 
5 part Series Exposing the Environmental Movement    ( link ) 

National Directory of Environmental and Regulatory Victims, this is good reading

Give 'Em Your Dirt!   
Time is running out for your dirt to be delivered to Washington DC

Courts decision to cut off the water based on flawed report ? 
"Hardy Flow Report" Flawed.  "We used some incorrect data", says the Research Engineer in charge of compiling the data.  See Press Release

State of Emergency,   See full text of Proclamation

Klamath River Basin Fisheries Task Force Meeting   see details

It's Easy Being Green, Parents should be upset with school, not Stossel 
By the Cynic, in PUSA, 6 /28/2001   see article   Good Reading

Klamath cattle ranchers struggle without water , CFBF Article  6/26  ( link ) 

Klamath Basin Drought Threatens Fish, Farmers, ENS Article  6/25 ( link ) 

Letter to the Editor 6/26

The opposition is not sleeping !!!!  ..... are you?  
see this page and all the things they would have all believe
( link ) 

John Deere "A" Tractor for Sale

Crisis Alert: Beware of New ONRC Alert,   See Details   See what the opposition is doing!  We must respond to this, See one response
See the Main Klamath Basin Page of the ONRC

They say: "One of the biggest problems for water quality in the Klamath River is the operation of the Klamath Irrigation Project."  

Good Articles from CNS.com 
Feds Wage War on Farming Veterans with Paul Christy Interview: Great Article 
Endangered Species Act Under Congressional Scrutiny,   Buckets of Heartache
House Members to Visit Klamath Basin, Examine ESA

Waterworks Group and Promotional Materials  

The People at e-thepeople.com  offer petition  see update note from participant 

Meeting the Local Emergency,  The community crisis needs help. Families in trouble need help ....... See how serious the crisis is and how you can help.

Klamath County Advocates Call on State Leaders For Help
News Release June 7th .... 

Rural Cleansing by Endangered Species, By Ted Miller  6/13/01 Paragon

Ducks Unlimited Testimony to House Agriculture Committee,  June 6th,  2001

University of California to conduct an independent scientific peer review of the April 5, 2001 Final Sucker Biological Opinion issued by the Bureau of Reclamation
Requested by Assemblyman Dickerson     See News Release

Show your support 
For the farmers, the rural based economy and life style of the Klamath Basin 
Please include your name, city and State,  and optional brief message.  Note: This information may be published on the web site in the near future.

Disaster Declarations in Modoc County, Emergency Loans  see details

Compendium of Oregon State Agency Activities
Relating to the Klamath Basin Drought Disaster June 13, 2001 version 

Are the Inmates Running the Asylum? By Don Amador,  6/14/01 Paragon

OSU Scientific Review of the Draft version of the Sucker Opinion, see full text  and the Final version of the biological opinion ( after review)  ( .pdf 295 pages) And ..in fairness and at the request of OSU, published here: OSU's Review  of the Klamath Water Users Association Plan from March, 2001

See some Professional Eco-Activist's Salaries  amazing !!
Environmentalists Organizations Exposed   Excellent Reading
from the congressional record May 8, 2001

The Bucket Brigade Continues Join by Email,  Pioneer Press says great success, 
70,000 + Names  .....This is Final Push

Endangered Species Act Violates Inalienable Rights. 
Frontiers of Freedom, George Landrith, Executive Director, May 7, 2001

How You Can Help Change the Endangered Species Act!
One Million Letters Needed To Save Rural America! Strike while 
the timing is right. Paragon Foundation Plea ...... See Details

How to deal with farm stress ( link )    Farm Crisis & Alerts ( CFBF link ) 

Wall Street Journal: "People Suck"  ( Great Article ) link

Senators Gordon Smith (R-OR) and Tom Harkin (D-IA)
Today unveiled a major new agriculture initiative  See Press Release  5/22

Peltier To Council EPA  see press release

Saving Private Stewardship Washington Times Editorial, June 11, 2001

Very Good Article by By Sarah Foster,  2001 WorldNetDaily.com 

Environmentalist Organizations Exposed    Good Reading !
Congressman James V. Hansen, Addresses House on May 8th

A sucker punch from the feds  Washington Times Editorial 5/23

Groups demand water for bald eagles  see story 

5Th Amendment Property "TAKINGS" Issues  Water Rights ( SCFB link )

What the "Land Trust Alliance", "Teaming with Wildlife" and others want you to know about CARA ... 
See "Teaming with Wildlife" update page ... 

A Bit of Sanity?  Some good news for a change   CNS 5/19
Court Ties Economic Impact to Endangered Species Areas   Read this

Smith Gets Commitment for Klamath Basin Water Hearing  release 5/23

See Yahoo  Nation    
Special Interest: "Carroll Cox Opinions", "Inspiration", and "Your Comments"

Endangered Species? More Green Lies, By Alan Caruba, 
CNS Commentary from the National Anxiety Center, April 27, 2001


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